Coffee is acidic, so if you’ve recently made some positive changes towards creating a healthier lifestyle for yourself, it may be a desire to reduce or totally eliminate your morning coffee.

When Caleb and I first met, I was a border line coffee addict. As soon as I caught myself grabbing a cup of java in the evening, I knew it was time to quite. Giving up a stimulant of any kind can be tough, so instead of going cold tofurky, try swapping out the coffee for something healthier and just as tasty (or even more tasty!).

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Caleb is my personal in home superfood alchemist, watching him in the kitchen while he’s creating just lights me up.This creative concoction is packed with super foods and some of them you won’t find in your local grocery store. In the recipe below, I’ve linked some of the sources for these superfoods so you can order them if you like.

A raw food diet can be as simple, or as creative as you choose. A drink like this is definitely for you if you’re looking for something special, fun and “gourmet”. If you’re on a budget, you can substitute coffee for a more affordable alternative like yerba matte or it’s milder yet equally energizing cousin, guayusa tea!



  1. Pour hot tea into your Vitamix or Blendtec bottle
  2. Add in powder ingredients (I like to add them in while blending on lowest setting to avoid clumping on the sides)
  3. Add coconut oil, Almond or other nut milk, blend on highest setting for 30-60 seconds, pour and enjoy!
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