I read a headline that piqued my interest the other day, because it was so obviously true that it boggled my mind. It read: Scientists Discover Link Between Insomnia And Staring At Your Phone All Night. I expected it to lead me to The Onion.

Instead it lead me to an actual study put on by actual scientists. And it’s hilarious.


An excerpt of the study:

Further tests concluded that individuals who plugged their phone in to charge and then closed their eyes were found to have a 100% better chance of going to sleep than those who posted ‘OMG insomnia suuuckssssss’ on Twitter and then waited to see if anyone would pay them some attention.” An excellent example of technology addiction.

I mean, it’s fairly obvious right? If you’re holding your backlit phone or tablet, staring into the screen, you’re bound to not sleep. But the study went further than that.


The Fear Of Missing Out (or FOMO), had a lot to do with the study’s subjects and their inability to wind down. We’re so “connected” these days that we expect people to Like or Comment about everything we do. When we get a free minute, like the minute between hopping into bed and falling asleep, we finally find the time to just be ourselves.


We are the internet generation. But the internet does not define us.

The study showed people who post and comment before bed would spend hours refreshing their feed for responses. Hours? If you get into bed at 11:00 p.m. and you’re spending “hours” refreshing, you’re lucky to close your eyes by 1:00 a.m.

Gilbert Gabriel, head of research at the Dream Academy Sleep Clinic, made this conclusion: “It may appear that many people who claim to have insomnia don’t actually have it at all; they may just be looking for something kooky about themselves, to make up for not having an actual personality.”


So put down your phone before you put your head down on your pillow. Facebook will be there tomorrow – if you don’t find some sleep, you may not be.

Here’s the awesome, original article.

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