Posted on: February 22, 2019 at 12:20 pm
Last updated: March 4, 2019 at 12:37 pm

He did the math and the extra cash would be too good to pass up.

64-year-old Terry Robison who lives in Spring, Texas has become a famous ‘economist’ after one of his Facebook posts went viral [1]. Actually, after reading it, I’m starting to reconsider my retirement plans too!

According to the movie producer/director, he and his wife Renee will be spending the rest of their lives in a comfortable Holiday Inn. In his conviction, that option is a lot more economical and enjoyable than endless days in a dull retirement home. Holiday Inn is a British-owned American hotel brand with over a thousand branches in several destinations. A subsidiary of the Intercontinental Hotels Group, these hotels have the primary objective of providing affordable but elaborate hotel experiences for their guests [2].


‘With the average cost for a nursing home care costing $188.00 per day, there is a better way when we get old and too feeble. I’ve already checked on reservations at the Holiday Inn. For a combined long term stay discount and senior discount, it’s $59.23 per night,” Robison explained.

They’ll definitely get to enjoy both discounts since they are seniors staying for a long time. Robison has already worked out exactly what he’ll do with the daily $128 surplus. They won’t be spending a lot on food because they’ll be provided with breakfast, and some of the hotels have afternoon happy hours.

“That leaves $128.77 a day for lunch and dinner in any restaurant we want, or room service, laundry, gratuities, and special TV movies. Plus, they provide a spa, a swimming pool, a workout room, a lounge and washer-dryer, etc.” Terry is also excited about the prospect of not spending a dime on soaps, razors, shampoos, and other personal effects. The hotel covers it all.

“They treat you like a customer, not a patient.”

Here’s another major reason why Terry doesn’t fancy the idea of nursing homes. He doesn’t want to feel as though he’s hospitalized or institutionalized in his golden years. He wants to feel like an esteemed guest getting his money’s worth. He’s convinced that regular $5 dollar tips will make the staff scramble to attend to him and Renee at all times. The man literally has all the details worked out [3].

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Actually, nursing homes would be the best bet if they are too frail when it’s time to move out. Nursing homes are standard care facilities with emergency care provisions and personal support workers.  If you happen to come down with something or develop an old-age related condition, you’ll receive standard and prompt medical care in a nursing home.

Apparently, Terry doesn’t want any of that. He’s counting on Holiday Inn to care for him and Renee if the need arises.

He also loves the fact that their movements won’t be restricted.

“There’s a city bus stop out front, and seniors ride free. To meet other nice people, call a church bus on Sundays. For a change of scenery, take the airport shuttle bus and eat at one of the nice restaurants there,” Terry wrote.

Finding a spot in a good nursing home can take months, but a reservation at the Holiday Inn is usually quick and easy. Guests walk in and get checked in immediately. There are Inns all over the country, and if they feel like Hula dancing in Hawaii, there’s a Holiday Inn over there too. Injure yourself doing the Hula? Terry says, “If you fall and break a hip, Medicare will pay for the hip, and Holiday Inn will upgrade you to a suite for the rest of your life.”


The management will take care of every technical problem and difficulty. Down to the tiniest issue any guest encounters, the hotel will be at the ready to fix things.

TV broken? Light bulbs need changing? Need a mattress replaced? No problem… They fix everything and apologize for the inconvenience. The Inn has a night security person and daily room service. The maid checks to see if you are ok. If not, they’ll call an ambulance . . . Or the undertaker,” Terry wrote. Really, the man has a sense of humor the size of California.

What’s the most genius thing about all this? Terry and Renee are excited that their grandkids can come over and visit comfortably. They can spend a few days vacationing and enjoying the pool. Nursing homes don’t exactly make family visits an easy breeze.

“What more could I ask for?” Terry asked. “So, when I reach that golden age, I’ll face it with a grin.”

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