Posted on: April 2, 2015 at 9:57 pm
Last updated: September 20, 2017 at 3:37 pm

You might think that regularly remembering certain things would make you better at remembering things in general. Like practice. The more you use your memory, the stronger it gets.


But a recent study out of the University of Birmingham seems to prove just the opposite. The team concluded that “the act of remembering can actually trigger the brain to forget other competing experiences that interfere with memory retrieval.”

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The bright side is that this effect could potentially be used to help someone to forget a particularly painful memory. Yet, most of the time we want to remember as much as possible, so here are a few quick tips to improve your memory.

4 Tips To Help You Remember

  1. Sleep more – getting enough sleep is crucial because this is when your brain forms memories. Too little sleep can make concentrating hard and lead to forgetfulness.
  2. Stay sharp – remembering things may not help, but doing other brain engaging activities is a great idea, like Sudoku, crosswords, and other puzzles. Such activities can enlarge your hippocampus, which is responsible for memories.
  3. Tap into technology – these days you have a calendar, alarm clock, notepad, and more right in your pocket. Don’t be afraid to make the most of it. Use it to set reminders, to organize your deadlines, and write to-do lists. That way there is no chance that you’ll forget, and you’ll free your mind to remember other things.
  4. Repeat, repeat, repeat – often the best way to remember a new name or fact or whatever it may be, is to simply repeat it. Say it out loud a few times. Put in a list with other things you want to remember. Associate it with something easy to remember. And then repeat it some more.

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