Look, I’m not advocating that you adopt a 100% vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. Nor am I here to give you lecture that meat is murder.

Like many people, I do enjoy my occasional medium rare steak paired with a nice organic beer. In moderation, meat can be a healthy source of protein to help keep you energized throughout the day.

All I’m saying is that you may want to reconsider the amount of meat in your regular diet.

And the country’s foremost nutritional panel agrees with this verdict.


Although Americans have lately started to consume less meat in their lives, we’re still eating way too much of it. And the industry sustaining this demand is gradually creating a devastating carbon footprint.


Because the excessive amount meat in our diets is slowly killing us and the gargantuan beef industry is slowly destroying our country’s beautiful ecosystem.

Excess Meat’s Effects on Your Health


Let’s begin with the big threat to your overall quality of life: diabetes. Although excess sugar consumption is usually the main culprit, recent studies show that eating too much meat can actually make you predisposed to diabetes.


Digesting meat actually releases an acid that, if it becomes too prevalent, actually makes it increasingly harder for your body to turn the sugar in your body into vital energy.

Sounds exactly like the main problem caused by diabetes, right?

The Effect on the Environment


Don’t let the advertising campaigns defending the beef industry fool you. The traditional family farms are just a PR fantasy. The reality is the industrial horror of factory farms and slaughterhouses.

Thanks to insane amount of meat we consume these production sites are designed specifically to meet demand regardless of the cost.

Millions of tons of fecal matter? Just dump it outside and let the gas emissions slowly destroy our ozone layer. As long as this industry is lucrative, issues like public health and the environment are just secondary.

Oh, and guess who disagrees with these conclusions?

That’s right, the beef industry, the very people who actually think that our health comes second to their profits.

Find out more about the dangers of meat consumption at Dailymail!

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