Okay, so everyone is always asking about how to lose weight and keep it off. Lots of the drinks you see out there are unhealthy or dangerous. But I’ve gone out, done research and checked my facts and I have the four drinks that are guaranteed to help you lose weight. They won’t help you on their own, and I do recommend daily exercise, healthy food and lots of patience, but they do help. And they’re so surprisingly simple.

So without further ado: here are the four drinks to help you lose weight (the healthy way).

What To Drink To Lose Weight

drink to lose weight

1. Water

I know, it sounds silly, but this is a great trick. I’d say 60% of the time I think I’m hungry, I’m actually thirsty. Your brain can confuse the signals for hunger and thirst. So instead of jumping immediately to get a snack, try a glass of water. I’m not choosey on warm of cold – some people will insist cold water is the way to go, because it cools off your body temperature and your body has to work to warm itself back up.

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Other people insist warm water feels more filling and signals your body that it’s not hungry anymore. I’m not a doctor, choose whichever you like best. But back to weight loss. Water cuts your cravings, your hunger pangs, and rehydrates your body; added bonus: no sugar spikes, and you can flavor it any way you want.

Using water to control your cravings, accompanied by a healthy diet (minus processed sugars) is an easy recipe for weight loss.

2. Green Tea

Green tea is now my morning go-to. I used to be an avid coffee fan, but green tea is gentler on my stomach, with fewer caffeine withdrawal symptoms. Plus, green tea acts as a diuretic, keeping your liver and kidneys free of unwanted toxins. While green tea has slightly more calories than water, it is hailed as a miracle in controlling hunger. Green tea has been proven to reduce hunger, plus the heat of the tea makes your body feel fuller for longer. A cup of green tea before a meal can cut the amount you eat in half.

3. Green Smoothie

Okay, so you were probably thinking I’d be down on smoothies in my ‘be healthy’ mindset to losing weight, but I actually think smoothies are great. You can pack them with nutrients, and if you do them properly, they make for a great cleanse. My concern is when you drink them.

Contrary to popular belief, I think that smoothies probably make for a great dinner, and then after dinner snack. In order to lose weight, you shouldn’t cut out your favorite foods; rather eat them in the morning so your body burns off the calories throughout the day (and much quicker than when you’re sleeping).

If you do a green smoothie right, you can actually pack your daily servings of veggies into the recipe. To make it more filling, use Greek yogurt to make it thicker and add protein, which is more filling, particularly if you’re going to replace your evening meal at 5 or 6 o’clock. Add flaxseed or spirulina to make this an even healthier option.

You can find some amazing green smoothie recipes here and here.

4. Fruit Smoothie

This makes a great snack smoothie, and the perfect replacement for high-sugar (or high-aspartame) sodas and store-bought juices. They’ll leave you full for much longer, and you can mix the natural sweetness of fruits with an almost unlimited number of other health ingredients and superfoods. You can make these smoothies small of large depending on your needs. Or make one large smoothie to ‘snack’ on throughout the day. With these smoothies, you can kill sugar cravings with natural ingredients rather than artificial sweeteners, which contribute to weight gain.

You can make these smoothies small of large depending on your needs. Or make one large smoothie to ‘snack’ on throughout the day. With these smoothies, you can kill sugar cravings with natural ingredients rather than artificial sweeteners, which contribute to weight gain.

A word of caution: fruit has a lot of natural sugar, so the right balance between fruits, veggies, and other add-ons is key to the perfect fruit smoothie. Make these with Greek yogurt, coconut milk (or water), or your fluid of choice to give it an extra nutrient boost.

You can find healthy fruit smoothie recipes here and here.

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