Posted on: January 20, 2015 at 8:32 am
Last updated: March 12, 2018 at 11:15 am

Can you judge a farmer’s morals when he works day and night to provide crops that he know full well aren’t safe to his friends and family? That is actually an issue many people are having with a number of US farmers, where often times you’ll find them working tirelessly in the most economical and efficient ways to reduce labor costs and make enough money to put some food on the table.

Well funnily enough, the food this one GMO farmer is providing isn’t even going on his own dinner table…


That’s right, US farmer Kirk Bair won’t even eat his own crop.

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“I want to know what I am eating and I don’t want to eat GMO foods.”

So what’s next? If the people providing toxic crops to us won’t even go near them, then what business does that food have making its way into our stores? Think about it – it’s like a chef who won’t eat the food going out of his own kitchen.

It’s a terrifying idea that most GMO farmers aren’t even using modified seeds because they want to, but because they’re being pushed into a position where they feel they have to do so.  Look at the disastrous effects that GMOs have had on Indian farming culture over the past few years.


Farmers are being pressured into a more “cost-effective” way of working that eventually destroys their ability to produce natural foods that still have some nutritional value.

So do  you think they’re in the wrong? It’s hard to decide who is really at fault here. On the one hand you have farmers who are actively working to stay afloat and provide for themselves without falling into debt; on the other, you have a group of people who are producing food with the perfect understanding that it isn’t safe, thereby contributing to the problem. Where will North American farming be headed next?

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