Posted on: June 15, 2016 at 2:12 pm
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Optimal well-being is the cornerstone to looking and feeling your best in mind, body, and spirit. Protecting your body from harmful toxins is a key factor in achieving ideal health, yet the average person is exposed to numerous toxic substances just from going about everyday life.

For the most part, the role of toxins in optimal health has been ignored by the medical establishment, but an increasing number of scientists and clinicians are beginning to recognize the impact toxins have on our bodies, and how we can benefit from detoxification.

Ordinary life exposes most of us to numerous toxins.

The symptoms associated with a overload of toxins in your body can mimic any number of diseases, affecting just about every system of the body. A few of the symptoms that can result from toxin buildup include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Muscular aches
  • Fatigue
  • Joint pain
  • Sinus problems
  • Headaches
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Weight Control Issues

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How People Are Exposed to Toxins


Exposure to toxins is a side effect of modern life. Some people, like those who work with petrochemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers experience more exposure, but molds, bacteria, yeast, fungi, plus the many synthetic ingredients and additives in the typical American diet also result in the buildup of systemic toxins. Medications – including those that are absolutely necessary – can cause toxins to increase in the body.

And let’s not forget the invisible emotional toxins so many of us deal with 24/7, such as loneliness, anger, hostility, guilt, anxiety and jealousy. These can “poison” our existence every bit as much as external toxins can.

Your Body’s Natural Detoxification Systems

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The human body is an amazing entity, equipped with a powerful built-in detoxification system. The parts of your body that are involved in detoxification are primarily:

  • Your skin – the body’s largest organ, which provides a physical barrier between our insides and harmful substances of all types.
  • Your respiratory system – from the tiny hairs in your nose that trap dirt and particles to the lungs that clean out smaller particles and expel them in mucus, the respiratory system deals with toxins non-stop.
  • Your immune system – which is made up of a finely tuned, complex system of cells designed to recognize harmful, foreign substances and protect the body against them.
  • Your liver – the body’s primary filter, which defends the it against harmful chemicals and the various other toxins that enter your body.
  • Your kidneys – which are part of the urinary tract, specialize in filtering waste products out of your body by storing and then eliminating them through urine.

Herbal Compounds Known to Assist in Detoxification



Chlorella and spirulina are detoxification superstars.

Chlorella and spirulina are two plant compounds that have been studied for their detoxification effects. Both are forms of algae that grow in fresh water and are similar in many ways. The main difference is that chlorella has rigid cell walls while spirulina does not. These natural products have been used as nutritional supplements, as well as for reducing side effects from cancer radiation treatments, increasing white blood cell counts, and increasing “good” bacteria in the intestine.

Chlorella, with its hard cell walls, has the ability to chelate and remove heavy metals from the body. Both chlorella and spirulina are nutrient rich, packed with amino acids, healthy fats, fiber, chlorophyll and vitamins and minerals.

They may eventually become major sustainable food sources. Dandelion extract, zinc, and ginseng are other herbs that have been shown in clinical studies to reduce heavy metal buildup in the body.

Your Everyday Diet Is Also Important

What you eat every day has a tremendous impact on the level of toxins in your body. For example, omega-3 fats found in fish, seeds, sea vegetables and nuts are beneficial to our health, while the processed, omega 6 fats in packaged foods and in oils like canola and vegetable oils can be harmful. Avoiding inflammatory foods like white flour, gluten, processed sugar and fried foods can help keep toxin levels under control.


Choosing organic and avoiding GMO ingredients are essential in order to minimize your toxic load from pesticides, herbicides and various other toxins sprayed on conventionally manufactured food. “You are what you eat” is a cliché for a very good reason.

The Human Body Was Designed for Movement


Finally, the human body was made to move. Exercise stimulates your circulatory and lymphatic systems, which work to pump toxins out of your blood stream, while sweating is an excellent mechanism for getting toxins out of your body through your skin. Regular movement is one of the best things you can do to help your body eliminate toxins.

Detoxification isn’t just a matter of taking a supplement, or attending the occasional yoga class, but requires an overall health promoting lifestyle. If you have questions about detoxification, nutrition, exercise, and well-being, we invite you to contact us at any time. We would be more than happy to hear from you.


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