Posted on: July 5, 2016 at 2:07 pm
Last updated: September 13, 2017 at 3:29 pm

Diets do not work. Consistently eliminating entire food groups or macro-nutrients for extended periods of time will not only leave you tired and sick, but also increase your chance of falling into the yo-yo dieting cycle.

Rather than strip your diet down for months or years at a time, why not opt for a cleanse. Not only will it press the reset button on your system, but it will kick start your healthy eating habits – giving you the tools and momentum to live a long, healthy, diet-free life.

Why Don’t Diets Work?


Cutting out all the food you love only increases your cravings for them. Plus, it won’t be long before you fall back into old habits. Studies prove that dieting for weight control and toxic buildup will only backfire – not only is it ineffective, but it will actually promote long term weight gain.


Our bodies’ are made up of many complicated systems and the harmful toxins chemicals present in our bodies can pose a serious threat to their proper and healthy operations. Unfortunately, we take in countless toxins on a daily basis, from GMOs in the foods we eat and breath, to pesticides found in our daily exposure to chemicals.

The solution?

Before changing your long-held nutritional habits, detoxing your body of all of these toxins is the first step!

Why Choose a Detox Cleanse?

Our bodies react to harmful chemicals and toxins by accumulating them as fat (yes, fat!) in our tissues. To our internal system, this is the only way to rid the toxins from our blood and away from vital organs. Toxins being converted into fat is a sure-fire route to plateauing weight loss or causing weight gain – both of which are not ideal.

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With toxic-build up in the body, when you try to diet or cut calories, toxicity levels only increase! This causes us to put back on the weight and fall back into an unhealthy lifestyle. Now we know why it’s called a “dieting cycle.”

This is where you cleansing comes in. By starting your healthy diet changes with a detox, you’re able to rid your body from toxins and wipe the slate clean! Your body will naturally balance itself, cleanse excess fat and keep your unhealthy junk food cravings at bay.

Foods to Eat on a Detox


An easy place to start a detox is with fresh, unpasteurized, cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices.

By why stop there. Clear your kitchen of any processed foods with sugary additive, unnecessary fillers or chemicals. Replace your cupboards with whole organic foods, like fruits, nuts, vegetables, grains and spices.

How Long Should You Detox?

The ideal time period to detox is 28 days. Taking 28-day break from poor dietary habits not only hits your body’s reset button, but also sets your body into motion for a healthy momentum.

However, if this seems to extreme, start out gradually, with a 3 to 28-day detox and slowly work your way up. Once you’re used to healthier food choices, the transition to a nutritional diet will not only come easier, it will be natural.

If you’re looking to jump start your diet as soon as possible, a 2-4 week detox is a great start! After the initial cleanse, you should continue to detox once or every couple months to a few times per year to maximize results.



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