Posted on: June 14, 2016 at 4:38 pm
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Turmeric is like the Tony Stark of the Herb universe. It’s powerful, action oriented…and just a little bit cocky.

What I mean by that is: Turmeric has some serious health boosting and illness eliminating abilities, that are comparable to superpowers.


In fact, turmeric is the most studied herbal remedy in the world today. There have been over 6000 published and peer-reviewed studies on the powerful healing effects of turmeric.

Studies show that turmeric powder provides over 600 medical benefits, and 175 physiological effects. The most powerful ingredient in turmeric iscurcumin, which is cited as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and a stress reliever…just to name a few.

Fun Fact for yah: Turmeric is known as the golden spice of India. Que the oooh’s and ahhh’s. 

MEDLINE  (Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System Online) has discovered over 600 potential health benefits of turmeric, and/or its primary polyphenol known as curcumin. These can be viewed on a turmeric research page dedicated to disseminating the research on the topic to a larger audience.


Better than Pharmaceuticals:



We all turn to the quick, store-bought fix to cure our illnesses. It’s the fastest option to get rid of that pounding headache or runny nose. What we don’t realize is that most store-bought “pharma drugs” can have various harmful side effects. Turmeric, on the other hand, heals without the harmful side effects, and instead adds some positive effects to your body.

While no food, or herb is right for everyone, (and everything has the potential for unintended, adverse side effects), turmeric is truly unique in its exceptionally high margin of safety vis-à-vis the drugs it has been compared with; e.g. hydrocortisone, ibuprofen, prozac, lipitors, corticosteroids and chemotherapy agents. And there are many, many more. 600 more to be exact. 

Turmeric has safely been used in medicine for over 6000 years. Let that sink in for a moment. 6000 years. That is considerably longer than ANY modern-day pharmaceutical. Despite its vast potential for relieving human suffering, turmeric will likely never receive the FDA stamp of approval, due to its lack of exclusivity, patent-ability and resulting profitability.

Truth be told, the FDA’s “gold standard” for proving the value of a prospective medicinal substance and unless an investor is willing to risk losing the 800+ million dollars that must be spent upfront, the FDA-required multi-phased double-blind, randomized clinical trials will not occur.

Turmeric butt-kicking abilities:



Some of the most amazing demonstrated properties include:

  • Destroying multi-drug resistant cancer
  • Destroying Cancer Stem Cells (arguably, the root of all cancer)
  • Protecting Against Radiation-Induced Damage.
  • Reducing Unhealthy Levels of Inflammation
  • Protecting Against Heavy Metal Toxicity.
  • Preventing and Reversing Alzheimer’s Disease Associated Pathologies.

Essentially, Turmeric is SO amazing because it provides dozens of health benefits simultaneously, and improves conditions that are resistant to traditional treatmentsHowever, turmeric is notoriously difficult to absorb:

Even if you take it with fats (like you should be!) you’re still probably getting only part of the effect. You may even be wasting time and money by allowing most of your Turmeric to just pass through your body unabsorbed!


That’s why we found this organic Turmeric Extract that’s specially formulated with fats already found in your cells, making it at least 20 times easier to absorb directly into your body than any other Turmeric supplement!

And today they’re offering you a stellar deal: you can get this super-powered Turmeric Extract shipped right to your door for as much as 33% off!

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So instead of running to your local drug store next time you have an illness, consider supplementing with turmeric.

You might just cure something else while you’re at it.



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