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Turmeric seems to have emigrated from India and Chinese culture to become the all-purpose remedy of today! It is rich in antioxidants, has anti-aging properties to protect the brain from neurodegeneration, potent anti-inflammatory benefits, and can even fight cancer. (1)

If you do not have turmeric in your kitchen yet, here is one more study that will convince you to stock up on this miracle spice immediately!

Turmeric Improves Heart Health as Much as Physical Exercise!

heart disease prevention


A study was published in the American Journal of Cardiology, stating that turmeric extract can decrease risks of heart attack by 56%. This discovery backs up earlier research printed in the Nutrition Research journal in 2012 that said eating this spice or consuming supplements of it can improve one’s cardiovascular health as much as aerobic exercise(4).

Think about it. For those who exercise for the purpose of boosting their heart health, a pinch of turmeric can help achieve the same goal!

How Does this Work?

It all comes down to the primary polyphenol in this golden spice, called curcumin. This ingredient is responsible for turmeric’s bright color and for the active properties that can empower vascular function.

This incredible ability of curcumin has been particularly helpful for postmenopausal women who reach the age where heart problems can arise and become a health concern.

Eating Turmeric for the Heart

Consuming a delicious spice is definitely easier than spending an hour on the treadmill. This is what you should keep in mind as you begin this profound health tactic:

  1. According to the conclusion of the study, one should take 150 mg of turmeric extract (equal to 25 mg of curcumin) every day for eight weeks to enhance heart function. (Start today!)
  2. The curcumin content in turmeric powder is usually 2%. Be aware of this if you choose this approach over the supplements.
  3. To reap these heart benefits, consume a teaspoon of turmeric daily. Alternatively, buy turmeric extract capsules.
  4. For more health rewards, add a pinch of turmeric to your food, cooking, teas, and drink turmeric juice. It has a subtle but delicious flavor that goes well with almost anything.

To start you off, here are some tasty recipes with turmeric:

Also, Exercise!

Although curcumin helps the bolstering of cardiovascular function, don’t forget about physical activity entirely! The researchers of this study all agreed that nothing could actually replace exercise, no matter how much turmeric you eat. (2)


So put on some greater running shoes, like these here, and get back on the treadmill and keep going! Imagine the impact of being physical active alongside the benefits of turmeric. The USA Department of Health and Human Services recommends 2.5 hours a week of moderate-intensity, or one hour and 15 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic exercises, or a combination of both. They also suggest muscle-strengthening activities two or more days weekly.

Moderate activity includes dancing, canoeing, biking on level ground, gardening, brisk walking, and water aerobics.

Vigorous activity includes: aerobic dance, jumping rope, jogging, running, swimming laps, brisk walking, play tennis with singles, and biking faster than 10 miles an hour.

Get moving, and don’t forget to take your turmeric juice with you!

Pssst. Looking for another great way to improve your heart health? Try this Pure Coconut Water Powder! Unlike coconut milk or oil–both of which come from mature coconuts–coconut water is harvested from young, green coconuts. Bursting with electrolytes, antioxidants, and potassium, studies show that it could also play a role in boosting heart health!


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