Posted on: July 27, 2016 at 11:41 am
Last updated: September 12, 2017 at 2:23 pm

The Emotional and Spiritual Causes Of Cancer

The emotional pain that we feel from a traumatic event like a death in the family, the loss of a job, or a stressful encounter, can sink into our physical experiences. The physical heartache, jitters or nervous behaviour may not last, but that does not mean that the pain or physical impact has been released.

Our Emotions:


In most cases humans who have been trained to push things under the rug do not express or fully release emotions, instead they tend to tighten, compress and withhold them internally. Most individuals believe that feeling and releasing emotion is a sign of weakness.

Our emotions, thoughts, and feelings related to life changing events large or small have the ability to change us physically.  When the grief or emotional event begins to fade, so too, do the related physical symptoms. This doesn’t mean they are gone forever, or gone entirely. In fact, they do not disappear at all they simply go somewhere else. In this case, they go deeper into our emotions.

The Toll They Take:

Our feelings, both emotional and physical, when not released will stew together for many years. They will sit just below the surface seemingly forgotten and inactive, while we go about our lives.

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In the spiritual sciences, emotional pain and trauma are known to exist as energy. Just as all things that exist have energy, including our physical functions based in reactions, molecules, and atoms at the cellular level.

Painful, emotional trauma, heartache, and even a lifetime of self-criticism are comprised of a type of energy that can be harmful when persistent. It’s known as low energy. Low energy acts like a weighted vest. As it grows and expands, the heavier, and more compact it becomes.


Unreleased Emotions Cause Cancer:

The longer your emotions go unreleased, or the deeper the trauma, the bigger the damage. The physical body is made of energy, just like these emotions, all it takes is one physical cell to become impacted by the energy of an emotion.

Imagine your emotional self and your physical self as two interconnected parts of yourself. This is your spiritual body and your physical body. Typically, your spiritual body resides within your physical body, almost overlying.

Low energy, more often called negative energy, is comprised of the emotions that are harbored deep within your emotional body. Sooner or later, the energy they hold will begin to overpower physical functions. This is when negative cells start to develop, ie- cancer cells. Your physical body is made of energy and so is your emotional body. In fact, both systems use the exact same energy.


Positive Energies:

The energies you want to exhibit when creating new cells are, peace, happiness, content, and compassion. You can turn your body around and give those hazardous negative entities the boot. For more on positive and negative thoughts, check out this video:

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