Posted on: July 17, 2015 at 2:07 pm
Last updated: October 15, 2018 at 11:14 am

Some things are said to cure everything but death. Oregano is one of those things.

A perennial herb that’s actually part of the mint family, oregano is commonly used in cooking. I often add it to sauces and spice rubs. But it also has a long medicinal history.

Ancient Greeks used it for common illnesses like the cold and the flu. Folk healers have used it for just about everything from skin conditions to respiratory ailments. The oil extracted from oregano leaves is often used topically. Dried leaves are often made into tea or taken in capsules. You can also add some to your bath.

Yet, some do remain skeptical of the healing power of oregano. Many uses still haven’t been studied in-depth. What follows is a comprehensive list of everything oregano can possibly be used for, including some uses that are still in doubt.

Generally speaking, trying oregano can’t hurt, but if you do have concerns, talk to your doctor.

Everything Oregano Can Treat

–       Toothaches

–       Headaches

–       High cholesterol

–       Bug bites

–       Fungal infections


–       Cough

–       Flu

–       Yeast infections

–       Aching feet

–       Irritable Bowel Syndrome

–       Indigestion

–       Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

–       Fibromyalgia

–       Bronchitis

–       Leaky Gut Syndrome

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–       Intestinal parasites

–       Healing wounds

–       Other bacterial infections

–       Swelling

–       Inflammation

–       Asthma

–       Joint pain

–       Repelling insects

–       Menstrual cramps

–       Relieving pain


–       Bee stings

–       Dandruff

–       Heart conditions

–       Diaper rash

–       Other skin disorders

–       Bloating

–       Sore muscles

–       Rheumatoid arthritis

–       Loss of appetite

–       Fever

–       Diarrhea


–       Jaundice

–       Anxiety

–       Bad breath

–       Eczema

–       Allergies

–       Fatigue

–       Burns

–       Canker sores

Again, firm scientific proof that oregano works for all of these ailments isn’t really there, but you’re welcome to experiment. If the condition persists, be sure to seek medical advice.

Let us know what you’ve successfully used oregano to treat in the comments or on Facebook.

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