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This article is brought to you by Vitagene, a unique company designed by healthcare professionals and experts of genetics. Vitagene offers completely personally-tailored suggestions for helping people get and stay healthy according to their own DNA coding.

Like most people, you’ve probably tried a popular diet, promising supplement, or ‘easy’ workout at some point in your life. And, like most people, you probably finished them (or stopped early on) wondering, why didn’t it work for me? And why does it seem to work for others?

It’s a valid and frustrating question, too: Why do others thrive using Diet X while that same diet not only produces zero results for you, but also makes you feel worse? Now, you may or may not find peace in this response, but it’s a reality everyone must face. The reason why a paleo diet, for example, does not work for you may be due to the role that genetics can play.

What is DNA?

People often throw around the term DNA in our everyday vernacular without fully understanding what it stands for – deoxyribonucleic acid. DNA is a long molecule that contains all your hereditary material – your unique genetic code – that makes you, you![1][2]

‘Hereditary’ material simply refers to the combined DNA (i.e., the information that passes down from generation to generation) you received from your parents. What is so amazing is that no other human being in the world has ever or will ever share the same DNA as you.[3]

DNA: What Does It Do?


To make this clearer, think of DNA as a recipe book. Inside the book lies all the instructions for making every protein in your body necessary for you to develop, survive, and reproduce.[4] It gets far more complex than this, but the video below by Stated Clearly is a fantastic and clear visual explanation of what DNA is and how it works:

Will My DNA Testing Help Me Lose Weight and Be Healthy?

Short answer: Yes, it can help.

Not-so-short answer: Understanding your DNA can help you figure out what will work specifically for you. But you do need to keep this very important thing in mind:

DNA can help provide some answers and insights into who you are and what will work best, but in order to truly utilize that information to its fullest extent, you first have to set the foundation for achieving optimal health. This includes taking steps such as eating real food, being active, and including healthy habits into your routine e.g. sleeping on time, taking time out to de-stress, building positive social relationships.

How To Test Your DNA to Improve Your Health

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DNA testing, vitagene, how to test DNA

You have probably heard of companies such as Ancestry or 23andme. They provide services that allow you to discover your family history and if you are prone to certain genetic health risks.

Learning this information can be awesome and insightful, but not necessarily practical when it comes to taking actionable steps towards better health on a daily basis.

However, certain DNA testing assessments now do exist that can provide more actionable insights by looking at your nutrient deficiencies – this is the only way to accurately measure the intricacies of your genetic makeup. This test can help target vitamin and mineral deficiencies which are rooted in your DNA and may be causing your unexplained fatigue, stress, lack of energy, or inability to fall asleep – all things which affect the everyday quality of life.


Vitagene: The Best DNA Testing Option to Date

If  Ancestry and 23 and me were to have a child, Vitagene would be their super child. Vitagene is a high-quality, in-depth service developed by world-class physicians and geneticists, and is based on the latest scientific research in genetics and nutrition. It offers both ancestry reports and health reports, as well as ‘Smart Supplements’ which are personalized vitamin packs based on a nutrition and supplement analysis.[9] All you have to do provide a small sample of saliva.

The results you get back are the most in-depth in the industry and include a:[10]

  •         DNA test
  •         Digital report
  •         Printed report
  •         Ancestry report
  •         Diet and nutrition report
  •         Exercise report
  •         Micronutrients report
  •         Supplements report

An option like this is fantastic for many people who simply do not have the time or money to spare trying out multiple solutions for their health – and who does? You can get Ancestry’s report for just over $100 and 23andme’s health report for around $200. But Vitagene gives you an even more detailed ancestry and health report for only $99.

Everyone’s getting older and with age, unfortunately, usually comes greater health risks. It’s cliché, but knowledge is power and gaining this deeply personal information can be life-changing.

Other Options You Can Start Immediately

If testing for your genetics is not a possibility right now, there are a few things you can do to help tune into the uniqueness of your body and find what works for you.

  1.    The ‘Elimination Diet’: Is used to identify food sensitivities and intolerances, which can often be a hidden source of issues such as brain fog, low energy, and bloating. The elimination diet consists of cutting out the most common foods that cause sensitivities and intolerances such as gluten and lactose for 4 to 6 weeks, completely.

    This period of time allows your body to adjust to life without those ingredients. Then, one by one, you reintroduce them into your life on certain days or weeks and track them in great detail until – hopefully – you pinpoint what’s bugging you. However, the elimination diet can sometimes feel like taking shots in the dark and is more helpful under the guidance of a Naturopath. A far more accurate and faster way to find out what sensitivities or intolerances you have is through DNA testing.
  2.   Tuning into your body’s intuition: Listening to your body and making appropriate tweaks has helped people’s problems in the past. If your body does not react well to carbs, you may want to explore a lower carb diet. If that doesn’t do anything for your health, maybe you try not to eat past a certain time, or eat less meat or cut back on sugar. If you still don’t see or feel any changes, maybe a new workout plan will help.

    This is what most people end up doing, and while it can be met with success there is also the reality that it could end up wasting time and money, and can even be more harmful than helpful for your health.
  3.   Medical history:  Can teach you a lot about your health problems. Some people are genetically predisposed to certain health issues that are passed down from generation to generation and seem inescapable. However, if your parents or grandparents suffered from genetic health problems, this doesn’t necessarily mean you will too. In fact, research suggests that you may have some control in tweaking, e.g., what you eat and how active you keep. While your medical history gives you a relatively objective reality to base your decisions against, there’s still a level of uncertainty when it comes to your body as opposed to your elders’.

All of these options are viable alternatives. But for anyone who wants a fast, detailed, and pain-free look into their history, DNA, and how to move forward, an option such as Vitagene is very promising. If you would like to learn more about Vitagene, below is what some users have to say:

Personal Stories

“I started using my personalized vitamins around April 2016. Right off the bat, I loved the convenience of getting my monthly supply delivered right to my doorstep. I used to have to visit several different websites and or stores to get everything I needed. At the time I was still trying to take off the last ten pounds of baby weight that I had gained with my first pregnancy. By the end of June, right in time for our trip to Hawaii, I was even a few pounds below my pre pregnancy weight!

From my results, I had learned how well my body would respond to exercise, so armed with this information, and the right supplements, losing the weight was easy! And….by the time we got back from Hawaii, I was pregnant again! As an older mom, I am 40, it has been amazing to have such an easy and healthy pregnancy so far. We just found out that we are having another boy, and the genetic screening shows that all is perfectly in order. Thanks, Vitagene for making this part of my life easier and worry free!” – Sylvie, Proud New Mom

“My DNA results made it easy to make big changes to my nutrition and exercise. I now have
more energy, better stress management, and have seen superior results from my workouts. On top of everything else, my results helped lose the 10 pounds I have been trying to lose for years!” – Ghaz, Busy Professional

This article is brought to you by Vitagene, a unique company designed by healthcare professionals and experts of genetics. Vitagene offers completely personally-tailored suggestions for helping people get and stay healthy according to their own DNA coding.

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