Over the last few decades’ dietary supplements have become increasingly popular amongst people who want to get in better shape. This booming business had left no room for speculation, so thought the vitamin manufacturers. That is until research was conducted determining the benefits, or lack there of, that these supplements have.

Initially these supplements were found to be quite beneficial. Which is true if you are taking dietary supplements in the right dosages. However, researchers have found that people who take these supplements, and don’t need them, may be at risk of developing cancer. These supplements were initially thought to reduce risks of cancer, but studies have shown that they may actually be increasing people’s chance of developing the disease.

The research is scary


After the research was conducted scientists found that there were no actually benefits from dietary supplements, for people who do not need them. Instead they found the opposite. In 2006, folic acid supplements were found to increase the risk of breast cancer by 20%. So women who were taking folic acid supplements had a 32% higher risk of developing breast cancer. This intake of folic acid also increased the number of polyp growths in the colon, which in most cases are harmless, but still has cancerous potential.

Studies also showed that women taking multivitamins were nearly 20% more likely to develop breast tumors. A similar study was conducted with men and the results were pretty much the same. Many men take vitamin E supplements for their health, and studies proved that these supplements increased the risk of developing prostate cancer.

These are scary statistics considering many people take supplements like these everyday. So what is the problem here? The problem is not only that these supplements cause cancer, but also that people seem to be unaware of it.


Studies have shown that if taken appropriately dietary supplements can be beneficial to people who need them. However, if you are taking supplements for other reasons you may see the opposite.

You need to be aware

For one reason or another this information is not being passed on to the population. That is until now. It’s important that people understand the risks associated with dietary products. There are also natural alternatives that can help you lose weight, or maintain a physique.

Essentially your meal plan is very important. More often than not people take supplements like this to speed up the weight loss process, which is actually very bad for you as well. A healthy person should lose roughly 1 to 2 pounds a week.

Losing weight naturally takes a lot of time, but on the flip side it’s way better for your health. With all the pressure for people to look good, and the fitness craze that has captivated the world, people are losing sight of the health risks that are associated with shortcuts involving supplements.

The moral of the story is never take unnecessary amounts of dietary supplements. Consult your doctor if you are unsure about the correct amounts you should be taking. Everyone is different, not everyone can do or take the same things. You have to exercise extreme caution when implementing dietary supplements into your daily routine.

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