Posted on: June 9, 2015 at 12:47 pm
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When you want to lose weight one of the many important factors that comes into play is you metabolism. Your metabolism is responsible for converting the things you eat and drink into energy. This process is very important, especially when you want to lose weight.

Here are 9 ways to boost your metabolism that you may not have been aware of:

1. Eat More Protein!

Protein is one of the best ways to eat your way to a metabolism boost. Protein-rich foods like fish and chicken force your body to work overtime to digest foods into your system. In turn you burn more calories as a result of the extra work your body is forced to do.


2. Tea Time

Tea is a great replacement beverage that helps you lose weight, in specific it allows your body to burn an extra 100 calories. Sources say that drinking roughly four or five cups of tea a day will help you burn off at least 70 calories.

3. Go Outside

Bright light can actually help your metabolism and regulate your body. So don’t be afraid to go out into the sun, it turns out it can do much more for you than you thought. Perhaps a nice walk is what you can pencil into your agenda for the day.

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4. Three Meals a Day

Make sure you get your three meals a day. More often than not people either under eat or overeat. Getting exactly what you need from each meal is how you’re going to get your metabolism started. The calories you don’t eat forces your body into starvation mode, which means you don’t lose any calories or use any energy.

5. Have a Glass of Water


A glass of cold water will do more for your body than you thought. Cold water stimulates your sympathetic nervous system, which excites your metabolism. Drink as much water as you can throughout the day, but too much. Roughly a pint of water is enough to get your metabolism going.

6. Spice Things Up

I’m sure you’ve heard this one before, but it is actually true. Spicy foods, like peppers, contain Capsaicin, which stimulates your stress response and winds up helping your metabolism. So next time you’re having a nice meal try and incorporate some spice in there and you’ll notice a difference.

7. Take a Hike

If going for a walk isn’t enough for you try going for a hike. This increase in exercise will force your body to consume more oxygen, which is a huge factor in an active metabolism. Put on your hiking shoes and find a nice path, you won’t regret it.


8. Laughter is the Best Medicine

Believe it or not laughing for an average of ten minutes could burn as much as 40 calories. Since, we’ve now learned what burning calories does you know that this means your metabolism will pick up the pace.

9. Don’t Forget Breakfast

Breakfast is so important because our bodies contain a hormone called cortisol, which helps you build muscle when burning off calories. This process is mostly active in the morning, which is why it is important to eat breakfast everyday, and in turn your metabolism will benefit.

Use these tips to get your metabolism going, they are all amazing ways to get the job done. Most importantly you can do all of these things everyday because they don’t take much time or effort. You can find more information on boosting your metabolism visit Fitness Republic.

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