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All of us have experienced anxiety at one point or another in our lives, from starting a new job to preparing for a tough exam, it happens to the best of us. For those of you living with anxiety disorders, however, the level of anxiety you experience is on a whole other level. Anxiety disorders affect a significant portion of the American population with an estimated 18.1% of U.S. adults aged 18 years or older living with anxiety disorders as of 2003 (1).

Normal Anxiety VS Anxiety Disorders

The anxiety typically experienced by people entails a normal reaction, such as stress, to uncertain situations (2). These symptoms differ from what those of you living with an anxiety disorder may experience, such as hyperarousal, fear that can be counterproductive, and/or excessively worry about things (3). Learn more about the symptoms of anxiety disorders here. Although the symptoms of anxiety disorders can be quite debilitating, worry not – there are some silver linings to living with anxiety.

5 Silver Linings for Living with Anxiety

1. Having a Higher Than Average IQ


Those of you living with generalized anxiety disorder have higher IQs (4). Studies have found that a high degree of worry in patients often corresponds positively with intelligence (4). Since humans are the most intelligent species (4), it must be assuring to know you are one of the smartest living beings on Earth!

2. Being More Effective at Alerting Others to a Threat

Attachment-related anxiety has been associated with a heightened propensity to deliver warning messages without delay (5). In a study that led participants to believe they’d unintentionally activated a computer virus, anxious individuals were consistently less willing to delay their warning message to a computer technician (5). That means that if you suffer with anxiety, you’re a vital team member to have in any serious situation.

3. Living a Longer Life

Neuroticism, also known as trait anxiety, has been associated with a reduced risk of dying from accidental causes in early adulthood (6). In a population-based, cohort study of 4,070 men and women conducted in the UK, it was found that adolescents with low trait anxiety often had higher rates of accidental mortality up to age 25 (6). A reduced risk of dying is a pretty great benefit that comes along with having anxiety.

4. Your Friends Like You More Than You Think

In a study on participants with social anxiety and their friends, each party was asked to rate their friendship (7). The findings indicated that friends’ ratings tended to be more positive than the person with social anxiety (7). It’s always nice to know you’re being perceived as a high quality friend!

5. You’re More Creative

Creative thinking has been associated with anxiety disorder in adolescents (8). A study of 517 Iranian adolescents in Tehran found that there was a high correlation between creative thinking and anxiety (8). A creative mind is one of the greatest qualities we can have so consider yourself lucky!


Living with an anxiety disorder isn’t a walk in the park for anybody. It can be easy to fall into the trap of focusing on only the negatives that come with anxiety, but you have to remind yourself of all the awesome attributes that make you you! Learn more about natural techniques that can be used to manage your anxiety and help you live up to your full potential here!


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