Posted on: July 8, 2016 at 9:56 am
Last updated: September 13, 2017 at 3:14 pm

If you thought that fast food was gross already, this video will put you off of it forever. A YouTube video was recently uploaded by a new account called “Bad Things For Bad People.” The video shows one brave test subject drinking a full McDonald’s meal that was pulverized into a brown, sludge-like “Junk Juice”, and the results are as gross as you might think.

Watch the video below and witness the incredible feat of willpower for yourself.

If you didn’t have the stomach to make it through the whole video, or just didn’t feel like watching it at all (nobody is blaming you), then you can keep reading for a brief description what happened.

The video starts with a dramatic close-up of a fairly high-end looking juicer. Ominous music plays in the background, and the words “Junk Juice” shimmer onto the screen.


We then see a shot of nine McDonald’s hamburgers being stacked on top of each other, along with a big pile of fries for good measure.



The person in the video is then shown unwrapping the hamburgers and ripping each of them in half before stuffing them into the juicer, intermittently throwing in some fries as well.


He then pours in what looks to be almost a liter of McDonald’s soda, to give the mixture at least somewhat of a liquid consistency.


He then proceeds to juice the mixture into a consistency similar to mud or some other brown, sludge-like substance. Determined, the person continues adding chips and hamburgers until the cup they use to collect the substance is full.


The shot then changes to a man wearing a white shirt, giving the camera what seems to be a nervous thumbs up. Determined, he grips the glass cup full of the sludge that was handed to him and proceeds to chug.


He actually manages to drink a surprising (and impressive, depending on your standards) amount of the sludge before spitting it in the garbage can in front of him.



He then laughs, proclaims “that tastes like s***” right before the credits of the video roll.

During the credits, the creators of the video list a variety of different “Junk Juices”, including the one in the video, which is called “The Happy Meal.” Other Junk Juices they offer are “The Failed Date”, which includes a pint of ice cream and a bottle of red wine, “Movie Night”, which is popcorn, Twizzlers and diet coke, and “Green Garbage”, consisting of green apple flavored Sour Patch Kids and two bottles of Mountain Dew.

The YouTube channel is relatively new, having uploaded only this one video around two weeks ago, and can be viewed by clicking here.


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