These days white foods have a bad reputation for being unhealthy and often with good reason. White bread, white pasta, sugar, flour, cow’s milk – many have been stripped of their nutrients and filled with inflammatory additives. 

But we shouldn’t dismiss all white foods so quickly. Some unprocessed ones are actually quite nutritious and can help detox your body of unwanted toxins. Here are the top 5: 

1. Cauliflower

It’s one of the many cruciferous vegetables that can assist in healthy detoxification processes in the liver, more than half as potent as the “detox superstars” broccoli and kale. Eating cauliflower is a good way to add some variety to your cruciferous vegetable intake.

High intake of cruciferous vegetables — including broccoli and cauliflower — may be associated with reduced risk of aggressive prostate cancer. Cauliflower also has a low glycemic index (or effect on blood sugar levels) of 15 to 30.

2. Onions

These gorgeous white orbs are healing and helpful for blood sugar, heart health, and, of course, detoxing.

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They contain different plant compounds called flavonoids; one of the most popular ones, known as quercetin, is a potent antioxidant.

Most of those phytonutrients are right below the skin, so do not peel your onions too much!

3. Coconut milk & oil

I emphasize coconut oil and coconut milk primarily because of the short- and medium-chain fats that are helpful for healing the gut.

Coconut products also have a reputation for their antimicrobial and antiviral effects. A recent study showed that a diet rich in extra-virgin coconut oil decreased waist size and increased good cholesterol in people with coronary artery disease.

4. Garlic

Garlic is a detox heavy-hitter. It has many medicinal uses, from lowering cholesterol, to balancing blood sugar, to helping with heart health and blood pressure. When it comes to detox, its sulfur and selenium contents come in handy.

Let raw garlic sit for 15 minutes after cutting it to maximize the nutritional benefits.

5. Turnips & parsnips

Both are high in fiber and have a complex array of plant nutrients that protect the body from oxidative stress damage. Don’t overcook them, though, as they’ll become mushy and their glycemic impact will increase.

When I refer to colorful foods (yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, and red), I also include “white” in that list. Our human vision may not pick up all the colorless phytonutrients, but they are present and extremely valuable!

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