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There are a lot of theories on how personalities are formed. While most of this information is interesting, it’s not really based on science. We all know there are four types of blood: A, B, AB, and O. What makes type O blood so special? Historically, it is believed that type O’s observed their environment and were hunters. This blood type was known to be aggressive hunters.


Type O blood is one of the oldest blood types being tens of thousands of years old. This is one reason why it is thought that those with O negative blood are considered ‘universal donors.’

Characteristics of Type O Blood

Type O blood types are supposed to have strong immune systems and the thinnest blood. They also live the longest and have the strongest stomach acids.


Personality Traits

Type O blood types have some amazing personality traits. They are described as having an amazing amount of energy and the ability to stay focused. Type O has the features needed for leadership, proactivity, and productivity.

Blood types are also attributed to personality traits. In Japan and other Asian countries, they use blood type to predict character traits. They are described as committed, focused, organized, practical, conscientious and organized.  Compared to other blood types, they are believed to be able to orient better as well as superior logicians.

Blood type O can be likened to The Warriors. Some positive characteristics attributed to them are honest, energetic, ambitious, confident, optimistic and passionate.

Recommended Foods & Lifestyle

According to the ‘blood type’ diet popularized by Dr. Peter D’Adamo, type O blood types should eat lean meat, reduce consumption of dairy and grains. It also cautions against alcohol and caffeine consumption.


D’Adamo further states, since type O blood already has high levels of adrenaline and noradrenaline they are seen as particularly susceptible to the flight or flight instinct. He goes onto mention that they should also even avoid gambling, and extreme physical activity, especially when they are stressed or tired.  

Health Precautions

People with type O blood are predisposed to certain diseases. For one, they are cited as being more predisposed to ulcers and thyroid issues as well as inadequate iodine.

Unhealthy stress levels and poor habits leave them susceptible to insulin resistance, obesity and low activity of the thyroid gland.

Stress can impact them in many ways. They may be angry, impulsive and hyperactive.

Things That Benefit O Blood Type

Physical movement for at least 30 minutes a day is recommended for type O blood. When feeling stressed or irritated, it is recommended they participate in physical movement.

Advice for individuals with blood type O is to consume meals sitting at a table and to chew slowly and be relaxed.

Brisk, regular exercise benefits the individuals. It provides physiological balance and a better emotional response. After exercise, they are more emotionally balanced.  More than any other blood type, blood type O needs to be physically active

Other advice includes developing plans and goals for life. Exercise is key for them to have well being. With proper diet and activity, type O’s are unstoppable.

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