Posted on: July 27, 2018 at 2:58 pm
Last updated: August 2, 2018 at 2:02 pm

If your life seems to have been falling apart all of a sudden, one planet in particular might be part of the problem. From tension in your love life to miscommunication and confusion to chaos, Mercury will be retrograding between July 26 until August 19, 2018.

Certain people are definitely affected more than others and can actually be categorized by zodiac signs! So, if you or someone you know matches with any of the signs below, knowing how mercury retrograde will be affecting you could help you cope over the next few weeks!

This is especially true because you are not the only person being affected by Mercury being in retrograde. Co-workers, friends, and family members will all have their own ways of dealing with these planetary changes. However, depending on your zodiac sign, the best thing you can do is be prepared for mishaps that will happen (whether you like it or not) focus on yourself.

6 Zodiac Signs That Mercury Retrograde Will Affect Most



Whether it’s your partner at home or a stranger on the street, daily interactions will seem super frustrating! No matter how much you try to have pleasant conversations with people, they simply won’t happen! But others will know if you’re trying (thanks to one of your traits being honesty and authenticity). This Mercury retrograde will give you an opportunity to trust in others’ goodness instead of your own. So, use this opportunity to grow because it will help all future retrogrades.


Usually, you’re pretty good at holding your tongue during these times, but not this time! You can pretty much expect to upset some people over the next few weeks, no matter how close they are to you. The good thing is that Libras are highly self-aware individuals. So regardless of how out-of-control you feel, put yourself in other people’s shoes before shooting off an aggressive, emotional response (if you can).


You have always been a worrywart who over-analyzes almost everything! You work, work, work, and leave little time for play – sometimes to a fault. During this planetary shift, you may feel unmotivated and unproductive. You won’t be the happiest person during this retrograde, but it will allow you to take a break you didn’t know you needed. In the same way that Mercury is repositioning, perhaps that’s exactly what you need to do to re-center your life.


Leos may or may not be lucky that this Mercury retrograde falls within their horoscope date. People usually look to you – even rely on you – to take the lead in pretty much every aspect of life. It can get exhausting… Not for you though; you revel in it! But you know what? Although you may not get what you want over the next few weeks, you will get just what you need – a much-needed break from being front and center. This will allow you to reset, reflect, and restart.



By nature, Cancers are hypersensitive and emotional more than other zodiac signs. Be prepared to have a short fuse over next three weeks and, if it helps, let the people in your life know that you’re on edge. You may blurt out things you’ve only thought subconsciously, which can result in hard feelings and hurt relationships. While you may feel powerless under the weight of the planets, do you best to control what you can to ensure a smooth transition out of this season of retrograde.


During any other time of year, communication is your forte – and communicating quickly. Your way with words often gets you into exciting opportunities and out of troubling ones… Fortunately or unfortunately, Geminis have been coupled with Mercury as their ruling planet, so these traits will likely go out the window if you aren’t careful! The most important thing to focus on patience and slowing down. If that means having to repeat things multiple times or to take a big breath before responding, then do it… This Mercury retrograde will be will be the easiest one you’ve experienced to date if you do.


It’s going to be a tough few weeks for the people being most affected by the July 26 – August 19 Mercury retrograde. But we hope your self-awareness has grown after reading this article. It should make your relationships with friends, family, and co-workers much nicer in an otherwise chaotic time.

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