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Leah Berenson
Leah Berenson
June 28, 2024 ·  4 min read

Flight Attendant Reveals Why You Should Put a Bottle of Water Under Your Hotel Bed

Numerous horror movies have taught us to always check under the bed. However, there’s always the fear of coming face-to-face with an intruder or monster. Recently, a flight attendant shared how you can use a water bottle to check under the hotel bed inconspicuously.

Reminder to Check Under Hotel Bed

A flight attendant posing in front of a mirror. Bathroom wall and toilet paper in the background.
Image Credit: @EstherSturrus | TikTok

Although horror movies are a popular genre for entertainment, no one wants to live out those scenes in real life. However, movies like Taken with Liam Neeson highlight the dangers tourists are vulnerable to. Particularly when traveling to another country. Luckily, seasoned travelers like airline crew share use their social media platforms to share hints for better or safer travel. For example, Esther Sturrus works for Dutch airline KLM and has a TikTok channel she uses to share her many adventures. Recently, she posted a part 2 video sharing tips for traveling, including putting a water bottle under the hotel bed. She explained that it’s a great way to ensure no one is under the bed without physically getting on the floor to look under the hotel bed.

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Skepticism Over the Hotel Bed Hack

A flight attendant posing in front of a mirror
Image Credit: @EstherSturrus | TikTok

Despite her experience with traveling, followers felt that her idea was extreme.

How many times have you found someone under your bed?” One user questioned, adding: “That seems crazy.” Meanwhile, another person joked: “Imagine u don’t throw hard enough, end up accumulating empty bottles below cuz u can reach it.”

Although it’s not likely, it can happen. Hence the reason for her warning.

Expectations from a Bottle Under Hotel Bed

A captioned picture of a hand throwing a bottle under a hotel bed. Carpet and bed in the background.
Image Credit: @EstherSturrus | TikTok

The flight attendant notes two important details regarding throwing a water bottle under the hotel bed. First, the bottle “has to come out on the other side.” Second, she explains that if the bottle doesn’t return on the other side, it may not mean someone is under the bed as sometimes bed legs or storage can prevent the bottle from returning. Either way, it’s a good idea to use caution. Reminding travelers to check under the hotel bed is one of a few tips she shared in her part 2 video.

Other hints included:

A fogged mirror being defogged by a hair dryer.
Image Credit: @EstherSturrus | TikTok
  • Try hanging clothes in the bathroom and let the steam from your shower get out the wrinkles.
  • Use a hair dryer to de-steam the bathroom mirror.
  • Use a hotel glass to amplify the music on your phone like a speaker.

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Part 1 Tips

A pair of shoes in a shower curtain packed away in luggage.
Image Credit: @Esthersturrus | TikTok

Esther Sturrus is a flight attendant whose TikTok has more than 200,000 followers. Before she shared the video regarding checking the hotel bed, she posted part 1, noting other hints that ensure safety and privacy, including:

  • Put a shoe in the safe with other valuables and important documents to ensure they aren’t left behind.
  • Try using a clothes hangar to clip the blinds or curtains shut.
  • You can use your USB cable to charge your phone if the TV has a port.
  • You can use the shower cap to keep your shoes in so they don’t get dirt and germs on your clothes.
  • You can also use a shower curtain to put over the remote control or phone because those aren’t likely to be cleaned as regularly as the bedding or bathrooms.

Additional Safety Measures

man travelling taking notes while holding his boarding pass
Image Credit: Shutterstock

Although most places worldwide are safe for tourists, there’s always a chance of encountering someone with questionable morals or intentions. As such, it’s important to exercise caution when traveling abroad.

Here are a few other tips for ensuring safety that may seem less extreme than checking under the hotel bed for intruders with a water bottle.

  • Don’t Carry Too Much Cash at One Time.
  • Avoid looking at maps or looking lost; otherwise, you’ll increase your risk of becoming a target.
  • Contact Someone at Home. This includes regular communication so someone knows you’re safe and giving someone back home your travel plans so they can get it to authorities or the embassy if need be.
  • Take Care with Documentation. Saving important documents like passports and prescriptions electronically will ensure you have an extra, safe, and secure copy, rather than a standard paper copy that’s subject to being lost or stolen.
  • Last, consider traveler’s insurance, as it can help prevent unexpected out-of-pocket medical costs, costly delays or cancelations, and lost or stolen luggage.


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Flight attendants, pilots, and those who travel for business are among the most well-informed people regarding travel. As such, taking their advice is sure to make traveling easier and more enjoyable. While some advice may seem like a bit much, it never hurts to have peace of mind by checking under the hotel bed to ensure no intruders.

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