About Us



      : genuine; sincere; wholehearted; abundant; nourishing



      : the spirit and essence of a person


proper noun

      : a community of genuine people empowering one another through holistic health

who we are

A small team of wellness warriors, healthcare practitioners and digital marketers that live and breathe natural health. You can find us whisking up some matcha tea or trying out a new bottle of essential oil at our headquarters in snowy Toronto. We appreciate being sent warm and loving vibes from all our readers around the world.

why we’re here

It’s hard to trust everything you read online about natural health, but we’re looking to change just that with our community.

The reality is, not all of us can be experts. That’s why we hire and partner with actual healthcare practitioners and ask them to share their knowledge with our readers. Whether it’s fitness experts, medical doctors, reiki masters, dentists or culinary nutritionists – we have them all ready and waiting to guide you and answer your questions.

our promise

To share the most valuable, accurate and relatable holistic health information in the world