About The Hearty Soul

Who we are

At The Hearty Soul, we love sharing uplifting, fun, and viral content. You can find us sipping coffee and browsing current trends at our HQ in snowy Toronto. We appreciate being sent warm and loving vibes from all our readers around the world.

Why we’re here

The world is a place full of love and light, but it has some darker corners. And in years like 2020, those darker corners seem to get bigger and bigger. Our goal at The Hearty Soul is to brighten up your life with fun, funny, interesting, heartwarming, and moving articles about everyday people making it work.

Our Correction policy

We are committed to informing our users when we discover an error in our stories. We encourage our readers and members of our staff to lets our editorial team know if a story is incorrect or requires updating. We strive to be as transparent as possible by outlining what was wrong and how it was corrected. Anyone should be able to understand how and why a mistake has been corrected.