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Leah Berenson
Leah Berenson
May 31, 2024 ·  3 min read

A Boy From London Will Become the First Millennial To Reach Sainthood

Carlo Acutis was renowned for his devotion to the Catholic Church and his ability to purportedly perform miracles. As a result, he’ll be the youngest member of the church to be canonized.

Carlo Acutis is Born

Young Carlo Acutis waving to the camera, bundled up in winter gear. Snow and trees in the background.
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Carlo Acutis was born in the Portland Clinic in London on May 3rd, 1991, but returned to Milan, Italy with his parents in September. From there, the young man flourished and was raised in the Catholic Church. His devotion to his religious beliefs, and some have called him “God’s influencer”.

Carlo Acutis Performs Miracles

Carlo Acutis wearing traditional Catholic Church attire and holding a rosary. Building in the background.
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The young boy sadly passed away in 2006 but was known to perform two miracles and will now be made a Saint of the Catholic Church. Allegedly, his first miracle was to heal a boy in Brazil who was suffering from a congenital pancreas disease. His second miracle was to heal a University student in Florence, Italy who was suffering from a brain hemorrhage, approved by Pope Francis following a meeting with the Vatican’s “Saint-making department”. It’s unknown when he will be canonized, but there are some interesting things regarding the Church’s decision.

Powerful Contributions

Carlo Acutis poses with a snowman wearing a hat and scarf. Snow and grass in the background.
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For example, Carlo Acutis will be the youngest member in the history of the Catholic Church to be canonized. Additionally, he’ll be the only millennial to be canonized thus far. His devotion and contributions to the church have helped him to make history. Last, he’s not only known for his healing aura.

Carlo Acutis designed the websites for his parish and school, in addition to launching a website to document every “Eucharistic miracle” ever reported. The website has been translated into multiple languages and has been “used as the basis” for a worldwide exhibition, which launched days before his passing.

Gone but Not Forgotten

Carlo stands in front of a mountainous background.
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Sadly, Carlo Acutis passed away in 2006 from leukemia in Monza, Italy. A year later, his body was moved to Assisi and has been on display ever since. He’s also been honored in the UK by the Archbishop of Birmingham who established the Parish of Blessed Carlo Acutis. Meanwhile, a statue of the future Saint has been erected in the Carfin Grotto, located in Motherwell in Scotland. It wasn’t until after his death that he was given the nickname “God’s influencer”. However, it’s a nickname that he worked hard to fulfill throughout his short but powerful life.

What Constitutes a Miracle

Carlo posing beside a Christmas tree.
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While many people have firm religious beliefs and are likely familiar with terms like canonized or sainthood, others may not be certain of what this story means. Firstly, miracles undergo a rigorous investigation, lasting for months, before they can be deemed as such. Next, before a person can be considered for sainthood, they must have performed at least 2 approved miracles. Lastly, the term canonized means the Catholic Church has declared a deceased member is worthy of a “public cult”, entering their name in the authorized list, otherwise known as the canon.

Other Saintly Inductions

Carlo standing at the beach.
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Although there has been talk of canonizing the beloved Carlo Acutis since 2020, he’s not the only person who has entered into sainthood recently. On February 11, 2024, Maria Antonia de Paz y Figueroa, became Argentina’s first female Saint, also making a historical impact.

Sainthood is a difficult title to earn, but if these supposed miracles somehow improve the quality of life for another, it’s certainly worth exploring. Carlo Acutis and the contributions he made to the church will be cemented, honoring his name for as long as the Catholic Church exists.

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