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Leah Berenson
Leah Berenson
June 14, 2024 ·  3 min read

Eco-Friendly ‘Ground Fridge’ Doubles As a Walk-In Food and Wine Cellar

A new trend has arrived as society continues its quest for eco-friendliness and sustainability: a ground fridge. Although it’s more expensive than a traditional fridge, and some are skeptical of the unique design, there are some obvious benefits.

Introducing the Ground Fridge

A picture of the ground fridge. Widows, walls, rails, and a plant in the background.
Image Credit Weltevree

Becoming popular in 2016, the ground fridge costs less, around $8,000, but helps save money and time because it doesn’t require electricity. Instead, it keeps cool from the moisture in the soil. As such, the ground fridge can be kept directly in the garden. The temperatures will vary depending on region and climate. However, they’ll likely range between 40-60 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Advantages of the Ground Fridge

Image Credit Weltevree

Like a “root cellar,” the ground fridge typically stores fruits and vegetables but can double as a wine cellar. Incredibly, the ground fridge is a large product storing the same amount of food as around 20 standard fridges or around 1,100 pounds of food. As such, the hole to accommodate the ground fridge is roughly Two and a half by 3 yards.

The Brilliant Mind Behind the Ground Fridge

A diagram explaining the ground fridge.
Image Credit Weltevree

Floris Schoonderbeek, a Dutch designer founded Weltevree, the company responsible for the ground fridge design. The large chain sells outdoor furniture and decor, “opt[ing] for honest materials and innovative production techniques.” According to the company website. “Our team develops inventive products in collaboration with the best designers and inventors.” Schoonderbeek is an innovator known for other inventions that cultivate sustainability like the Dutchtub, an electric car charger. Or the Loloo, an outdoor light.

The company’s website explains more about Schoonderbeek and his company’s mission. He “is continuously discovering and exploring new angles, chances and materials that he puts to good use in improving and enriching our habitat.”

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Commenting on the Design

A tractor dropping the fridge into its place. Trees and grass in the background.
Image Credit Weltevree

Meanwhile, the page said of his breakthrough design: “With the Groundfridge, he presents a means for new world citizens who want to handle their food in an autonomous, independent way.”

“We have an internationally strong and growing interest, which is very diverse,” Schoonderbeek said of the revolutionary ground fridge. “From winegrowers up to hurricane shelters in the United States of America.” While the design has become popular, internet users were unsurprisingly skeptical of the ground fridge.

“Congratulations you’ve invented the cave.” Sarcastically wrote one person.

Meanwhile, another questioned: “How do you maintain a constant low temp? Say 2C? It’s important with things like poultry.. Also what about tracking mud in, is it not unhygienic to walk around inside your fridge?”

Dutch Relations with the Environment

A man helping place the fridge. grass in the background.
Image Credit Weltevree

The astonishingly bright Dutch inventor isn’t the only person in his country to work hard toward an eco-friendly and sustainable way of life. The Netherlands has taken several approaches to reducing its carbon footprint, hoping to reduce “greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050.” According to one source.

The Dutch government has devoted much of its infrastructure to sustainable living, which ” includes subsidized, collaborative innovation projects and R&D facilities with amended regulatory demands.”

As a result, The Netherlands thrives in many aspects including environmentally, medically, educationally, and physically. The Netherlands is a country whose “sustainability values drive businesses to constantly innovate towards a better tomorrow.”

Innovation from the U.S.

An image of a man building with recycled tires alongside an image of the inside of a kitchen.
Image Credit: Earthship Biotecture

The ground fridge isn’t the only way the world is discovering to live more eco-consciously, ethically, and sustainably. Instead, the United States has several communities working toward creating a healthier and happier world. For example, Earthship Biotech, located in New Mexico, offers various services, including an overnight stay in a dwelling made of things like recycled tires and bottle caps. Now, they’ve expanded, offering seminars to help others learn sustainability and self-sufficiency. Their unconventional yet creative approach to construction and architecture is aesthetically pleasing and great for the environment.

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