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Leah Berenson
Leah Berenson
June 12, 2024 ·  4 min read

Man Receives Facial Surgery in Turkey, and People Can’t Believe ‘Impossible’ Transformation.

Facial surgery is one of the most common elective surgeries. These expensive procedures promise a more youthful or beautiful appearance, implying an ability to enhance one’s life. While these procedures do play an important role in reconstructing after severe physical trauma, they do have some downsides. For example, a clinic in Turkey has made an incredible reputation for unbelievable transformation in their patients. Unfortunately, a top plastic surgeon in the U.K. explains why the results are “unlikely.”

Facial Surgery Goes Viral

Image Credit: esteistanbultr | Instagram

Images of a middle-aged man in Turkey went viral after he had facial surgery, and the results were astounding. The clinic shared the post on Instagram, showing “Michael” in a whole new light. It’s explained that the man underwent a series of treatments. The treatments include a “facelift, neck lift, lower eyelid blepharoplasty, upper blepharoplasty, buccal fat removal, rhinoplasty, and hair transplant procedures.”

It eventually reached X, where it garnered more than 37 million views. However, the internet is divided regarding the accuracy of the images. ‘No, Turkey surgeons are f*****g wild with their eight surgeries at once… this man came back looking 30 years younger.’ Said @D_Radiance.

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Professional Opinions

Image Credit: esteistanbultr | Instagram

Although people can’t decide whether these transformations are real, professional experts have offered perspective. Hopefully, this will clear up any misconceptions. Dr Nigel Mercer, who specializes in facial reconstruction surgery, explains the person’s “skin quality” changed and that’s generally not possible, even with several facial surgeries. “If you look at the texture of his skin in the before picture you can tell that man has either been a smoker or he is quite old.” He said.

Dr. Nigel also notes a change in the shape of the man’s eyebrows. “His face is a completely different shape, and I can’t believe you can do that with just buckle fat removal, which is [the] removal of the fat pads in the cheeks to create of slimmer more angular facial appearance.” He added.

Rightly Skeptical

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Meanwhile, a plastic surgeon from London, Mark Mikhail, reinforced Dr. Nigel’s skepticism. He stated: “Even in a dystopian world where it was possible to do this [with surgery] they would have had to do more operations than they claim to have done.” Dr. Mikhail notes other changes between the before and after images, impossible to change such as eye color or a lack of scars.

They say he’s had a face lift but there is no scar. With a facelift you have to make a cut around and behind the ear and when you pull the face back you end up bringing the side burn right next the ear,” he noted.

Suspicious Facial Surgery

Image Credit: esteistanbultr | Instagram

Although the man’s appearance has left the public with more questions than answers, so too has a woman who was purportedly also a clinic success story. Unsurprisingly, Doctors Mercer and Mikhail point out a few flaws with the woman’s alleged facial surgery. They point out that her lips have notably changed.

‘Her upper lip can only be done with a lip lift, but I can’t see any scars from a lip lift,’ Dr Mercer said. 

‘Her upper lip is a fraction of the height that it was before. If you do a lip lift directly if you lose the white roll of the lip which is really quite well formed in her and the lower lip is completely different,’ he added. 

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Facial Surgery Warning

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These surgeons note other dangers for those considering going abroad for facial surgery or other cosmetic treatments. “There are some very good surgeons in Turkey. But there is also a lot of significant business practice of people being sold a conglomeration of things.” D. Mercer explained. “It is relatively high risk surgery and it is not the sort of thing you can have done by flying in and getting surgery and then getting back on an aircraft to fly back again.”

Adverse Effects and Risks

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Several things are important for people to remember when considering plastic surgery, as several dangers lie in waiting.

Facial Surgery Done Poorly or Incorrectly. Most people prefer to have facial surgery that is subtle and enhances their looks. However, there’s always some risk in trusting the images and former work of the surgeon you’ll be seeing. Although it’s not been confirmed, the clinic in Turkey seemingly has dishonest tactics to entice potential customers.

Depression/Low Self-Esteem. Deciding to get facial surgery or other cosmetic treatments can harm mental health as they can be done incorrectly, become unbearably costly, and could be a sign that someone has a disorder like body dysmorphia.

Allergic reactions or Fatalities. When done poorly or with the use of poor-quality materials, serious health risks become more likely with some dangers, including the risk of death. In mild cases, patients experience soreness, tenderness, or bruising. Furthermore, some people may have allergies to certain ingredients or chemicals, making them more prone to serious health risks.

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