Think back to your adolescence for a moment. Did any of you ever have that one teacher in school who could make a brick sound interesting? How about a cinder block? Because that’s what were here to show you today. We can’t take credit for being the teacher-equivalents of making bricks sound and look interesting, but we are more than happy to be the messengers.

Many of us love thinking of new DIY home projects that will make your home that much more yours. But getting started can be tough, never mind the cost that projects like these tend to rack up. That’s where cinder blocks into play. They’re relatively inexpensive and you’d be amazed at how versatile the oddly shaped pieces of cement can be.

DIY Cinder Block Projects for Inside and Outside Your Home

We hope you find a cinder block project you like or at least one that helps get your creative juices flowing!

1. Comfy Bench

Whether it’s in front of your house, behind it, or in it, this bench is a sturdy yet comfy place to settle down after a day of work.

cinder block project

2. Bed Frame

Tired of broken bed frame slats? It’ll be a more permanent fixture but if you’re ready for a lifelong bedframe, these cinder blocks have you covered.

cinder block project

3. Entertainment Center

Space out some cinder blocks, lay a solid flat surface on top of them, and set up your one-stop shop for entertainment.

cinder block projects

4. Simple Fence

Want to section a part of your backyard for a garden or something like that? Place long pieces of wood through the holes of the cinder blocks to create a simple, rustic-looking fence.

cinder block projects

5. Fire Pit

You’ll be staying out later and using your backyard more once this cinder block fire pit is set up! It looks real elegant, too.

cinder block projects

6. Flower Pots

Let your green thumb grow wild with these makeshift square-shaped flower pots. We hear they have great drainage!

cinder block projects

7. Hanging Vertical Planter

This design can add a whole new dimension and feel to your backyard. What’s so great about it is that it’s also self-supporting.

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cinder block projects

8. Kindling Stacker

Remember that cinder block fire pit you’re going to start building as soon as you can? This kindling stacker is its perfect match.

cinder block projects

9. Ottoman and Side Table

If you want to give your home a more industrial feel, variations of these options are sure to do the trick.

cinder block projects

10. Outdoor Kitchen Counter

Bring the kitchen outside with this simple cinder block setup right next to the BBQ. Everything’s in one spot – what more could you ask for?

cinder block projects

11. Patio Sofa

Cozy up to your loved one with this comfy patio sofa. You only need two materials and your comfiest pillows!

cinder block projects

12. Raised Garden Bed

You can use this raised garden bed simply for aesthetic or to grow your favorite herbs, spices, or vegetables!

cinder block projects

13. Shelving Units

Whenever you’re in need of more shelving, cinder blocks can always come in handy. They provide a sturdy surface for the most sentimental knickknacks to your new work desk.

cinder block projects

14. Bedside Table

Cinder blocks give you a solid surface and maximize your storage. Decorate it with plants, lamps, books – anything you want!

cinder block projects

15. Sofa Bed

Is your kid’s room, the spare room, or the front hall missing something? Maybe it’s this sofa bed that also comes with free shoe storage! Just give the blocks a fresh layer of pain and get cozy on your new reading nook.

cinder block projects

16. Steps

Spruce up the side of your house with a nice walkway leading to your backyard! Using cinder blocks like this creates what seem like naturally-occurring steps.

cinder block projects

That should about cover the next few DIY home projects for you and your family! Who knew cinder blocks could be so versatile?

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