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Chantel Brink
Chantel Brink
June 29, 2024 ·  7 min read

FDA Issues Recall of 60 Ice Cream Products from 13 Different Brands

Certain pints of ice cream, ice cream cakes, ice cream cones, and more are being recalled due to possible Listeria contamination, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced in a safety alert issued on Monday.

Scope and Reason for the Recall

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The recall affects 68 ice cream products from 13 different brands issued by Totally Cool, Inc., a Maryland-based food manufacturer. Notable brands that were impacted include Jeni’s, Friendly’s, and ChipWich. The potentially contaminated products include pints of ice cream, sorbet, and gelato, as well as ice cream cakes, cones, and sandwiches. A full list of the recalled products is available on the FDA’s website.

Production and distribution of the impacted products were halted by Totally Cool, Inc. after FDA sampling detected the presence of Listeria monocytogenes, a bacterium that can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections. The contaminated ice cream products were distributed nationwide through retail and direct delivery channels.

Company and FDA Response With Consumer Guidance

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Despite the recall, no illnesses have been reported to date. The company is actively investigating the incident and reassures that no other products produced by Totally Cool, Inc. have been affected. The FDA advises consumers who may have purchased any of the recalled products to not eat or serve them. Instead, they should return the products to the place of purchase for a full refund. Customers with questions can contact Totally Cool, Inc. at 410-363-7801 or [email protected] between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.

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Brands Affected by the Recall

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The ice cream recall due to possible Listeria contamination impacts a diverse range of brands, including both well-known names and artisanal producers. Among the affected brands are Friendly’s, Hershey’s Ice Cream, and Jeni’s, renowned for their popular pints and ice cream sandwiches. Specialty brands like Abilyn’s Frozen Bakery, The Frozen Farmer, and Dolcezza Gelato, which emphasize high-quality and unique flavors, are also included.

Convenience store staples such as Cumberland Farms, as well as iconic products like ChipWich, are part of the recall. Additionally, exotic and fruit-based treat brands like AMAFruits and socially conscious companies like Taharka have been impacted. This extensive recall highlights the widespread distribution and variety of products that consumers need to be aware of.


Friendly’s Ice Cream
Image Credit: King Cullen

Background: Friendly’s is a well-known American brand that started as an ice cream shop in 1935 in Springfield, Massachusetts. Over the years, it expanded into a full-service restaurant chain with a wide variety of ice cream and dessert offerings.

Products: Known for its iconic ice cream sundaes, Friendly’s offers a range of ice cream flavors, sundaes, and ice cream cakes. The recall includes some of their popular pint flavors and ice cream cakes.

Recall Impact: Friendly’s is among the notable brands affected, with several of its products potentially contaminated.

Abilyn’s Frozen Bakery

Abilyn’s Frozen Bakery Ice Cream Cake
Image Credit: Brandora

Background: Abilyn’s Frozen Bakery is a specialty brand focused on creating high-quality, handcrafted frozen desserts. They emphasize natural ingredients and innovative flavors.

Products: They offer a variety of frozen desserts, including ice cream cakes and sandwiches, known for their artisanal quality.

Recall Impact: Specific ice cream cakes and sandwiches from Abilyn’s are included in the recall.

Hershey’s Ice Cream

Hershey’s Ice Cream
Image Credit: Hershey’s Creamery

Background: Hershey’s Ice Cream, not to be confused with the chocolate company, was founded in 1894 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. It has a long history of producing high-quality ice cream.

Products: Hershey’s offers a wide range of ice cream flavors, novelties, and frozen desserts. The recall impacts several of their pint-sized products and ice cream cones.

Recall Impact: Several of their popular flavors and ice cream novelties are potentially contaminated.


Yelloh! Ice Cream
Image Credit: Yelloh!

Background: Yelloh! is a modern ice cream brand known for its bold flavors and vibrant packaging. They aim to bring excitement to the ice cream aisle with unique offerings.

Products: They offer various ice cream products, including pints, cones, and sandwiches.

Recall Impact: Several of their products are included in the recall due to potential contamination.

Jeni’s (Ice Cream Sandwiches)

Jeni’s Ice Cream
Image Credit: Jeni’s

Background: Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams is a premium brand founded by Jeni Britton Bauer in 2002. Known for its creative flavors and high-quality ingredients, Jeni’s has a dedicated following.

Products: Jeni’s is famous for its pints and ice cream sandwiches, which are handcrafted with unique flavor combinations.

Recall Impact: The recall affects some of Jeni’s popular ice cream sandwiches.

Cumberland Farms

Cumberland Farms Ice Cream
Image Credit: Second Scoop

Background: Cumberland Farms is a regional convenience store chain based in the northeastern United States. They offer a variety of products, including their own line of ice cream.

Products: Their ice cream line includes pints, sandwiches, and other frozen treats, known for being both affordable and tasty.

Recall Impact: Several ice cream products sold under the Cumberland Farms brand are part of the recall.

The Frozen Farmer

The Frozen Farmer - as seen on Shark Tank
Image Credit: The Frozen Farmer

Background: The Frozen Farmer is a family-owned business that specializes in farm-fresh frozen desserts. They focus on using locally sourced, high-quality ingredients.

Products: Their offerings include ice cream, sorbet, and unique blends like “Nice Cream,” a mix of ice cream and sorbet.

Recall Impact: Specific products, including some pints and sorbets, are affected by the recall.


Marco Ice Cream
Image Credit: Marco

Background: Marco is a specialty ice cream brand known for its gourmet flavors and premium ingredients. They cater to those looking for a luxurious ice cream experience.

Products: Marco offers a variety of pints, cones, and other frozen treats.

Recall Impact: Several of their gourmet ice cream products are included in the recall.


Chipwich Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich
Image Credit: Chipwich

Background: ChipWich is an iconic brand famous for its ice cream cookie sandwiches. First introduced in the 1980s, ChipWich quickly became a beloved treat.

Products: The classic ChipWich features vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate chip cookies and rolled in chocolate chips.

Recall Impact: The recall includes certain batches of the classic ChipWich ice cream sandwiches.


AMAFruits Ice Cream
Image Credit: AMA Fruits

Background: AMAFruits specializes in exotic fruit-based frozen treats. They focus on bringing the flavors of the Amazon rainforest to consumers through their products.

Products: Their product line includes acai bowls, sorbets, and fruit-based ice creams.

Recall Impact: Certain fruit-based ice creams and sorbets are part of the recall.

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Taharka Brothers

Taharka Brothers
Image Credit: Taharka Brothers

Background: Taharka Brothers is a Baltimore-based ice cream company known for its social mission and unique flavors. They use their business to support social change and community initiatives.

Products: Taharka offers a variety of pints and ice cream sandwiches with creative flavor combinations.

Recall Impact: Several of Taharka’s ice cream products are included in the recall.

Dolcezza Gelato

Dolcezza Gelato
Image Credit: Dolcezza Gelato

Background: Dolcezza Gelato is an artisanal gelato and coffee shop based in Washington, D.C. They emphasize using fresh, local ingredients to create authentic gelato.

Products: Their offerings include a range of gelato flavors, sorbets, and ice cream sandwiches.

Recall Impact: Certain gelato and sorbet products from Dolcezza are part of the recall.


Image Credit: LaSalle

Background: LaSalle is a lesser-known brand that offers a variety of frozen desserts. They focus on delivering quality products at a competitive price.

Products: LaSalle’s product range includes pints, ice cream sandwiches, and cones.

Recall Impact: Several of LaSalle’s frozen desserts are included in the recall.

Understanding Listeria – Symptoms and Risks

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Listeria monocytogenes can cause an infection known as listeriosis. Each year, approximately 1,600 people contract listeriosis, resulting in around 260 deaths. Listeriosis can cause a range of symptoms from diarrhea and mild flu-like symptoms to severe complications such as seizures, stiff neck, and even death. Those most at risk include pregnant women, individuals aged 65 or older, and those with weakened immune systems.

Dr. Thomas Russo, a professor and chief of infectious disease at the University at Buffalo in New York, emphasized, “If you’re a normally healthy individual, the risk of a severe outcome with listeria is very low, but there is no guarantee that you won’t develop severe disease.

Expert Opinions & Medical Advice

Doctor consulting with patient
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Dr. Amesh A. Adalja, senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, noted, “Of all foodborne bacterial illnesses, listeria is the one with the highest rate of severe disease.” Dr. Russo pointed out that it can take a week or more for symptoms to develop after being infected with listeria.

He recommends contacting a healthcare provider if you have consumed any of the recalled products and subsequently develop symptoms of an infection. Dr. Adalja added, “Infection with this bacteria merits prompt medical evaluation.” For more detailed information on the recall and a list of affected products, consumers can visit the FDA’s website.

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