Posted on: December 2, 2016 at 1:27 pm
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A strong woman is a powerful woman, which some people may find intimidating! One definition of the word ‘strong’ is ‘someone who is strong, has confidence, determination, and emotional strength possessing skills and qualities that create a likelihood of success(1). This is how I am going to base my definition of strong, a woman who is aiming to be as successful as possible at life, no matter what.

However, just because she is strong and determined doesn’t mean she doesn’t want a partner to share her woes at the end of a long day! Here are 20 things you should definitely remember when dating a strong woman.

They are Self-Sufficient

Usually when your path crosses with a strong woman one of the first things you will catch on to is how self-sufficient they are! Going about their daily business, maybe even appearing not to want to speak or hang out with you. This also makes her want to take control of many situations and be able to handle things on her own.

Discover her Creativity

Often, strong women have a certain sense of creativity; it almost comes hand in hand with their large intellectual ability. By having an open mind when you are around, a creative woman will make them feel great. They probably won’t appreciate the same date over and over again so try and think out of the box, maybe try that new restaurant you’re not sure if she will like. Even if she doesn’t, she wills till appreciate the thought.

No Gossip, No Drama

A strong woman can’t stand petty conversations, so gossip or drama will not interest her. Leave that information at home.


Get That Right Communication Balance

Strong women can also come across as very direct, almost brash. They can sometimes sugar coat their words to help soften the blow, but they will mostly have a very direct way of communicating with you.

She Can Take Care of Herself

Don’t be offended if a strong woman doesn’t seem to care about you; she most probably does but her survival instinct kicks in making her take care of herself first. She knows how to put up a shelf and cook the best brownies ever,  don’t get offended if she doesn’t need you to open the jar of pickles, she’s got it covered!

She Knows What She Wants

She knows how to get what she wants and a strong woman is on a mission to get it! So if you are what she wants don’t be surprised if you are in a relationship before you even realize it, as Madonna said ‘I’m tough, ambitious and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, Okay’ (2).  A determined woman can be intimidating, to begin with, but once you understand their ins and outs, you’ll be smitten!

Stop Smothering Her

A strong woman will love being with you, but not all of the time. She’ll need alone time to relax and recharge, so try to understand when she wants a night alone. She doesn’t hate you she just needs to be with her thoughts and maybe a tub of ice cream every once in a while.

So…what are we?

She will want to know ALL the ins and outs. So that includes where you stand in your relationship. A strong woman won’t be afraid to ask where you are at and what is happening between you, as Jane Austen said ‘A lady’s imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, from love to matrimony in a moment’ (3). So you best be prepared to answer with confidence!


Confident, determined women usually have a lot of ambition and know exactly what they want. They also know they want someone who is on par with them in this aspect. Be ambitious and know what you want, they really will appreciate this quality.

Taking on Rocky

A strong woman has some fight in her, so don’t expect her to give up when things get a little tough. She’ll search for several solutions before throwing in the towel.

Things aren’t Quite Right

A strong woman knows when thigs aren’t going as well as they should be. So don’t be surprised when they come out with exactly what they’re thinking.

Onions have Layers


A strong woman may have walls built up, whether it’s from previous relationships or being on their own for a long period they will know how to protect themselves first a foremost. So don’t be afraid if you have to push down the barriers before you reach the marshmallow center.

Strong Morals

If you don’t possess the same types of morals that a strong woman does then don’t be surprised if she doesn’t want to pursue a relationship with you.

Meaning and Purpose

A strong woman knows what’s important to her, and she makes time for it. Expect her to do things with meaning and purpose.

Conflicted Emotions

A strong woman may fight the fact that she might need you or might want you more than she originally thought possible. Give her time to fight through her emotions so she can realize what she really needs.


Usually, a strong woman will know when and how to show gratitude, so you will definitely know what she appreciates and what she doesn’t like so much.


Glass Half Full

With such a sure sense of determination and ambition, a strong woman won’t be afraid to question you if you’re speaking negatively about something. She will always try and see the positive side of life, glass half full and all.

Take Responsibility

A strong woman isn’t afraid of owning up to her mistakes, so you better not be afraid to either. Nothing will peeve her off more than if you try to cover up for something that could easily be fixed if you just owned up to it.

Don’t Be Afraid

Don’t mistake strength for having no feelings. A strong woman may come across as intimidating and even cold, but that doesn’t mean she is actually like that. By peeling back the layers, you will be surprised by what you discover underneath.

At Arms Length

A strong woman may still have fears of starting a relationship or going on a date so don’t be surprised if she keeps you at a distance for a while. She may just be nervous about the outcomes and is afraid of being hurt. So she will automatically think the best thing to do is play it cool and keep distance. Allow her to realize she can trust you, and she will slowly become more accepting.

It sure can be difficult to break down the barriers and get to know a strong woman, but believe me, once you do you won’t regret it! Strong women are some of the best people on this planet, just remember they will always be in agreement with Amelia Earhart as ‘The most effective way to do it, is to do it..‘  For more insight into the life of a strong woman check out the following video. 

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