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Sean Cate
Sean Cate
May 29, 2024 ·  3 min read

Professor Brian Cox Shut Down Flat Earth Theory With Simple Response, And It Was Awesome.

We’re all adults here, right? We know that the Flat Earth theory isn’t correct…right? Despite overwhelming scientific evidence; photographs of our planet from space, scientific experiments, military math used in World Wars, a small but vocal group continues to advocate for a flat Earth. This group includes figures like former boxer Carl Froch, who insists the Earth is flat and dismisses any real imagery as “cartoons“.1 However, their arguments found no sympathy from physicist Professor Brian Cox, who effectively dismantled the Flat Earth theory with a simple and straightforward answer.

The Question That Sparked It All

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A few years ago, Professor Brian Cox was fielding questions from the public on various scientific topics when someone asked him about the Flat Earth theory. This question set the stage for one of the most definitive rejections ever that the Earth is flat. Cox, known for his approachable demeanor and clear communication style, did not mince words. He said, “There is absolutely no basis at all for thinking the world is flat. Nobody in human history, as far as I know, has thought the world was flat”.

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Historical Context and Scientific Evidence

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Now, it’s worth noting that there indeed have been people in history who believed the Earth was flat. There were concerns of sailing off the edge of the world (as depicted in Pirates of the Caribbean) but these concerns were addressed hundreds of years ago. Ancient civilizations like the Greeks had already measured the Earth’s radius thousands of years ago. “The Greeks measured the radius of the Earth. I cannot conceive of a reason why anybody would think the world is flat”, he remarked. The fact that Flat Earth Theory has come back around and persists now is worrisome.

Visual Proof from Space

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As well as historical evidence, Cox highlighted modern proof too. Photographs of Earth taken from space show a round planet, making the flat Earth notion even more ridiculous. Cox expressed his disdain for Flat Earth Theory despite such clear evidence. “The very simple fact we’ve taken pictures of it. I’m lost for words, it’s probably the most nonsensical suggestion that a thinking human being could possibly make. It is drivel”, he stated bluntly.

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The Impact of Cox’s Response

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Cox’s emphatic dismissal of the Flat Earth theory was not just defending scientific truth but also an attempt to call to reason and critical thinking. By addressing the question head-on and providing clear, scientifically-backed answers, he tried to educate and hopefully persuade some Flat Earthers to reconsider their opinion. His response was rooted in empirical evidence and scientific reasoning, which is something we hope those who adhere to Flat Earth Theory can learn to do as well.

The Aftermath and Continuing Debate

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Despite Cox’s clear answer, the Flat Earth theory persists today. Some former believers have been swayed by the ability to observe the Earth’s curvature firsthand, but their has been slower than you’d think. But we cannot blame these individuals for sticking to their laurels. Us “globeheads,” welcome these new additions with open arms. 


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Professor Brian Cox’s proper dismantling of the Flat Earth theory is as simple as providing proof and logic. He effectively shut down one of the most persistent pseudoscientific beliefs by saying “just look”. The importance of education and critical thinking cannot be understated here, as well as combating misinformation to foster a better understanding of our world.

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