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Anyone who has ever suffered a migraine knows the unique and miserable brand of pain that it can bring on. Migraines headaches are wicked headaches that can last hours, and can put a person out of operation for a day. With the worst types of migraines, the debilitating symptoms that can accompany these brutal head pains can make a person retreat to a dark room and wait for the nausea, blurry vision, and light sensitivity to subside. Not exactly an enjoyable experience. And certainly something that everyone wants to avoid.


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A Solution

While lying down and shutting your eyes can help to eventually get rid of a migraine, it isn’t exactly a preferred solution when you have a busy life to lead and things to do. When a migraine hits, the only thing that its poor victim really wants is a remedy that will work fast and get rid of that miserable pain.

The problem is, since migraines headaches are so much worse then a typical headache, they are a lot harder to cure. Advil and other conventional headache remedies really don’t do much in the face of a full-on migraine. A lot of people tend to give up and count a migraine filled day as a loss. But you don’t need to do this! It turns out that there is something you can do about it, and the answer is neither painful nor expensive.

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There are plenty of natural supplements you can take that will drastically improve the symptoms of migraines and their duration. Instead of taking pills and medicines that will only provide temporary relief, consider checking out some of the natural supplements that we list below. Taking dietary supplements is already a great thing to do in order to solve any vitamin deficiencies, and if they can also work to ease your migraine pain, then make sure to consider it. Read all the information we’ve found and decide which supplement is best for you. Don’t give up, there’s still hope to getting rid of those migraines!

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

Don’t be afraid of the technical sounding name, CoQ10 is an important antioxidant that is critical for the energy production of the mitochondria. Mitochondria are the tiny parts of each cell that provide its power. Most people are aware of CoQ10’s importance to the health of the heart. What they may not know is that the antioxidant is just as important to the health of the brain (which is why it can help relieve your migraine symptoms).

Studies have shown that taking CoQ10 at doses of 150 mg each day is an extremely effective treatment for sufferers of frequent migraines, including those migraines with aura (that is-a migraine with symptoms that manifest before the actual attack).


Vitamin B2

Good old Vitamin B2 (or Riboflavin) is just like CoQ10 in that it’s a type of supplement that assists the function of the mitochondria, which means that it can also help prevent your worst migraine symptoms. Theoretically, Vitamin B2 is effective because it can increase the energy efficiency of your body’s mitochondria.

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A member of the family of water soluble B-vitamins, Vitamin B2 has been very extensively studied in its potential to help migraine victims, and it is so far proving itself to be an effective cure. A placebo-controlled experiment revealed that Vitamin B2, when taken at 400mg a day drastically improved the symptoms of migraines in people. Other studies have shown that Vitamin B2 has helped to decrease the frequency of migraines and the duration of them, which may sound like a dream come true to migraine sufferers.

Want to give Vitamin B2 a shot? The best way to take it is to balance it with a B-complex supplement. Be aware that your urine may turn a fluorescent yellow colour for a bit of time after starting these vitamins, but don’t worry, that’s normal.


The last supplement in the lineup is magnesium, which, just like the other two supplement suggestions, is a big help to your mitochondria. In addition, magnesium is a mineral that most people are deficient in, even though its presence in the body is pretty important. Magnesium helps to relax all of your blood vessels, which means that when you aren’t getting enough of it, your blood vessels can spasm and cause painful migraines.

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People seem to have low magnesium levels in their body today because there tends to be a low magnesium content in our soil, and therefore in the food grown in it. These widespread low magnesium levels might be able to explain the increasing numbers of people who have migraines, as recent studies have shown that people with low magnesium are particularly prone to suffer migraine attacks.
As if all this wasn’t enough of a reason, in addition to helping temper the 
affects of a migraine while it happens, having higher levels of magnesium can 
decrease the amount of chronic migraines over time.

Stay Natural

So if you’ve been suffering from migraines, you can rest easy now and know that you won’t have to struggle through them for much longer. Taking natural supplements is a great way to get more vitamins in your body and to bring your vitamin deficiencies up to par. Say goodbye to curing migraines by locking yourself in a dark room and waiting for the throbbing in your head to pass. Getting rid of chronic or occasional migraines can be just as simple as balancing out your body, and restoring the vital nutrients to your cells.

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