stone that tells a ghost is nearby
Penelope Wilson
Penelope Wilson
January 30, 2020 ·  4 min read

Amazon Sells a “Ghost-Detecting” Stone that Supposedly Tells You when a Ghost is Nearby

Amazon… the one-stop store for everything (almost) the human mind can conceive. If a market can supply the skeletal bone of a human finger for $15.00 and a pickle-flavored lip balm for $12, then they can supply anything.

Since the topic of ghosts and paranormal activity has never really been backed by sufficient evidence, passionate ghost hunters like to turn up with major equipment to prove the seriousness of their cause. In most of the ghost-busting movies ever produced, ghost-detecting equipment is usually quite bulky and complicated to handle. Electronic sweepers, hyper-ionization devices and even proton packs seem like pretty major stuff to me. 

However, a Japanese tech company called Solid Alliance recently came up with a compact and simple device that supposedly serves the same purpose as the sophisticated ones [1]. Baketan Reiseki (meaning “a stone that searches for ghosts”) is being retailed on Amazon as “a small ultra-ghost detector to find ghosts around you with he special sensor [2].” If you don’t believe us, check it out for your self. 

The technology behind the device is not very clear, but the company explained in the short description this it has a sensor, a real crack crystal ball, and is made of ABS thermoplastic. 

How does it work?

The 0.64-ounce stone changes colors according to otherworldly events happening in your immediate environment.

When there is an unusual paranormal activity going on, it glows a bright green color.

When an angel is present, it glows blue.

When a ghost is in the area, it glows red.

The stone is said to operate in three different modes:

  1. Search mode: This is a mode manually activated by a button-press to scan an area for supernatural presences.
  2. Automatic mode: This mode automatically scans the immediate environment every ten minutes.
  3. Barrier mode: The stone is said to block dangerous ghosts and spirits from harming the user. Perhaps, it does this through some supernatural force it carries, electromagnetic waves from an emitter, or even a dose of faith from the wearer. No one really knows.

It was initially retailed at $75.69 but the company is currently offering a 13% discount, which slashes the price to $62.68. 

No one can say for sure if the stone actually works, so you’ll just have to get it and see for yourself. While a lot of people wasted no time in trashing the device and calling it a scam, a few customers with verified purchases have confirmed that indeed, the stone is one heck of a ghost-busting device. 

Although most of the positive reviews came from people who say they are deeply in tune with their spiritual sides, you might just get your money’s worth.

One review read: “The day it came in, I decided to run some tests. I don’t expect anyone to believe this, but if you’re someone who has learned your spirits guides and is an energy intuitive, well-versed, I started asking questions to trigger responses that would adhere to how this thing operates. Long-story-short, it does work. It’s is green (no activity) when I asked my guides to F off, has triggered when I was having emotional times and they’d normally find a way to reach out, and it has flashed the brightest blue in times of provoking a direct request for a true response. I can’t exactly explain it in any other way than if you are connected to the spiritual world, and you want something /tangible/, this proves it. I literally got this as a joke assuming it was on some scheduled program response, but it isn’t. I live in Virginia which is steeped in war history, and so far the only time it turned red was the morning after a 3 person murder happened just a few streets down from my house. Look it up, Burke VA Oct.2019 1 woman, 2 males were killed. I “played” with this for two days straight and never got that kind of response, and the first time it went to red was completely on its own, I freaked out, and when I asked my guides if something was happening dealing with the murders and did a manual scan, it went to red again.
So take what you will from that, but honestly, this isn’t a gimmick, it legit works, and the way it works can absolutely be tested, and honestly, I’m still trying to wrap my head on how it does just with the last few days of owning one and what I’ve experienced.”

Well, whether it’s legit or not, the changing colors are really cute – as long as the red doesn’t freak you out.