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Penelope Wilson
Penelope Wilson
June 16, 2020 ·  3 min read

This Floating Projection Light Turns Your Pool into an Aquarium

Summertime is finally upon us, and if you haven’t used that pool all year, now would be the time to get it back in shape. Home pools are going to be deeply appreciated this summer since most popular hotspots are still closed off to the public. However, we could have all the raving fun we want at home with just a few unique additions, like turning the swimming pool into an aquarium.

While you could always illuminate your pool using simple disco lights or the built-in pool lights, where’s the fun in those? Overstock and Amazon are selling the Rainbow Reef Aquarium Pool Light, a floating projection light ball with carve-outs that turns your pool into a galaxy or an aquarium [1]. It’s perfect for families who love to swim at night and it adds something uniquely beautiful to the pool. This is going to be great for the Fourth of July and special days when your kids need a bit of extra flair for swim time.

If you don’t have a pool, you could always turn off the lights in the bathroom, toss your ball in the tub, and enjoy the transformation. Also, you could use it out of the water to illuminate your walls and floors. 

When it comes on, it adds colorful silhouettes of tiny fishes and a large shark at the bottom of the poll. The star variant highlights your pool with blue, red, and white stars. It’s water-proof and can float, so you don’t have to worry about attaching it to anything. The effect is even more exciting when the ball bounces as people swim. The fish appear to be swimming along and it’s just a lovely feeling. It’s totally entertaining for kids and adults of all ages.

The device is made of plastic and is powered by 4 AA batteries (not included in the package). You can also switch between 3 different light modes, including white lights, color lights, and color-changing mode.

Fondly nicknamed the disco fish, this floating device is extremely simple, easy to use, and it adds a lot of exciting color and ambiance to your pool. Who needs pool lights when you can have a whole aquarium with friendly fish eager to swim?

Currently, this device is sold out both on Overstock and Amazon, and the vendors are not sure when it would be back in stock. The device was last sold for $27 before it went out of stock.

A couple of helpful reviews from verified purchases on Amazon:

“My kids love taking this in the pool at night. There are several different modes of viewing the fish, which is fun. Battery insertion is easy enough. The part I didn’t realize & seems funny for a pool, is that the instructions say to not leave it in the water or the sun. I tossed it in the pool the night it arrived, so we could see it; then had to jump in & get it because the instructions said to not leave it in the water. Pool lights need to be off to get the full effect as well. Overall, really cute.”

Most customers had one tiny issue in common – they wish it was brighter.

One customer wrote: “It’s not very bright. Probably good for a small pool, but ours is 15x 26 and it is difficult to make out the fish.”

Another wrote: “Amazing simple product. My son had a similar product that projected stars at the ceiling. This one projects various types of fish at the pool. Colors and images are amazing at night and add so much to my backyard.”

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