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Cody Medina
Cody Medina
October 23, 2020 ·  4 min read

Cabin Hiding In The Hills Has A Heated Waterfall Swimming Hole

Luxury has redefined itself over the years, especially when it comes to resorts. Have you ever had the opportunity to step into a heated waterfall swimming hole before? Located in Columbus, Ohio, The Cliffs at Hocking Hills has one! Move over Glamping, This stunning and newly restored lodge can accommodate up to 18 guests for the perfect getaway.

The Cantwell Lodge was originally built in 1929 as a boy scout cabin and was restored recently in 2020 by local designers Kimball and Christine. The refurbished lodge includes 6 bedrooms, a sleeping loft, 5.5 bathrooms, 2 living rooms, a game room, a hot tub, a swimming hole, and of course the heated waterfall. Not to mention this place is located in one of the most scenic places in Ohio, about 5 minutes away from the Cantwell Cliffs. (1)

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Yes, the Waterfall is Heated.

The water is continuously pumped from the swimming hole to the heated waterfall. You can swim in the water for hours and still feel like you could stay in the water for a couple more. There’s also a nice hot tub for you to stargaze in if you get too chilly swimming. The scenery from the patio is absolutely breathtaking at any time of the day. Whether you just woke up and poured your coffee or you want to start a fire with your friends until the moon comes out. (1)

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The water itself is a natural piece of the land, however, the swimming hole is recently manmade. The designers wanted to really give the resort something that was going to hook people. Amazingly, they have captured that feeling entirely with a few simple words; “heated waterfall”. Can you even imagine being able to swim through a shower-like waterfall? It’s almost as if you can feel all of the stress being washed away already!

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What Else Is There To Do?

Aside from obsessing over how amazing the heated waterfall is, there is also an abundance of small walking trails for you to choose from. If you want to go for a mid-day walk through the woods in the surrounding area, mother nature is right there for you to explore. The Cantwell Cliffs are also very close by which also has awesome hiking trails for visitors. There’s even another waterfall on the cliffs but it depends on the amount of rainfall that it received that year. (1)

Another incredible thing about this place at night are the number of stars you can see outside. As you wrap up your heated waterfall experience, you’ll definitely want to get bundled up around the firepit with some nice boozy drinks while you and your friends watch the sky. You’ll find yourselves spending countless hours outdoors immersing in all of the intoxicating elements this lodge has to offer. (1)

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Inside The Lodge

The lodge itself will also keep you extremely entertained even when you’re not wanting to be outside. Inside includes a very cozy fireplace for you and your friends to warm up around if you don’t want the outside firepit. Of course, there are two living rooms so you have two fireplaces to choose from! Both living rooms are lined with the comfiest blankets, pillows, and furniture you could imagine. Almost as if you are in a magical royal lodge in the woods. (1)

The kitchen is also an impeccable masterpiece. It’s designed to have anything and everything you need in order to make your visit as comfy as possible. A nice island bar in the middle with tons of space for cooking. Every kind of utensil and dish is just as stunning as the rest of the kitchen, too.

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The fun doesn’t stop there, each room has its own wrap-around deck for you to walk around on. There are hammocks all around for you to lounge in as well while you read a book or take a quick snooze in the sunlight. The view from the balcony allows you to not only see the surrounding woods but gives you a huge overlook over the heated waterfall too. You get to experience the surrounding nature at such a close distance that you’ll forget that you were anywhere near civilization.

This luxurious lodge also comes with a game room for you and your friends if you need something a little more entertaining for the evenings. The game room includes a hockey table, arcade games, and basketball. There’s also a nice little lounge area in the game room for people to socialize while others play games. (1)

The Heated Waterfall Awaits!

Even though the pricing can be a little steep, if you bring enough friends or family it shouldn’t be a problem! A single person would have to spend $899 a night while it’s only $375 if you bring up to 18 people. If you’re wanting someplace fun and something memorable, then you should consider the Cantwell Lodge at The Cliffs. It really doesn’t get as luxurious as this place! (1)

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