fully furnished house on wheels sleeps 6
Brittany Hambleton
Brittany Hambleton
June 21, 2020 ·  4 min read

This House On Wheels Comes Fully Furnished and Sleeps 6 People

Everyone has a different idea of a dream home. For some, it’s the penthouse suite in a bustling city center. For others, it’s a sprawling ranch-style home in the countryside, and for others it might be a rustic cabin tucked somewhere deep in the woods.

There are others, however, who don’t want to be tethered to any one place. They want to have the ability and freedom to move around and explore different towns and cities across the country. For these people, a mobile home may be the ideal way of life.

When we hear the words “mobile home”, most of us picture a massive, tacky-looking box on wheels, or perhaps a retro VW van with a brightly-colored paint job. For some, neither of these options are very appealing. Luckily, there is a company making luxury homes on wheels that look nothing like the classic camper you’re imagining, and they are so beautiful it may convince you to move your home to the open road.

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Not Your Average RV

The Rustic River Park Home is 43 feet long and 11 feet wide, and can comfortably house up to six people. On the outside, it looks nothing like a classic RV with its wooden paneling and screened-in back porch, and once you step inside you’ll forget you’re in a mobile home altogether [1].

Although it is classified as a “tiny home”, the interior is spacious enough that you won’t be cramped at all. The large kitchen features wooden cabinets, a granite countertop, and full stainless steel appliances. 

There is a master bedroom in the upstairs loft, as well as bunk beds to accommodate guests, allowing this home to comfortably house a small family [1].

An Affordable Housing Option

The photos here are of the model called the “Chattahoochee”, however there are five other models available including the Cahaba, the Savannah 1 Bedroom, the Savannah 2 Bedroom, the Shenandoah, and the Cumberland [2]. 

All of the models are similar in size, and range in price from just over 32 thousand dollars to just under 43 thousand dollars. They are fully furnished and ready to hit the road immediately after purchase.

Although the price of these homes may seem steep compared to other more traditional mobile homes on the market, they are an incredibly affordable option for those who are looking to ditch their permanent home and live the tiny home lifestyle.

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The Benefits of Tiny Home Living

To some, living in such a small space may sound like a nightmare, but there are actually many benefits to living in a tiny home. 

Since you have less space, you are less likely to accumulate clutter, since you have nowhere to put it. You also have a smaller space to clean, giving your more time to engage in hobbies and spend time with family and friends.

Tiny homes can also offer a lot in terms of money saving. The home itself is less expensive than traditional houses, and since it is a much smaller space, you will likely spend far less on heating and cooling. You may also find that you save money at the grocery store, since you have less space to store excess food items and therefore cannot pick up extras.

Many tiny home owners also report having a better quality of life, citing that when they got rid of their “stuff”, they felt relieved. They are also no longer weighed down by a massive mortgage, and as mentioned have more time for leisure activities.

Finally, if you are concerned about your impact on the environment, a tiny home is an excellent option because it allows you to have a smaller carbon footprint. This is because tiny homes use less energy, produce less waste, and consume fewer resources than traditional houses. 

Of course, there are drawbacks to this way of life. When moving into a tiny home, you have to be much more disciplined with what you do and do not keep, and it requires immense amounts of organization since you have much less space to work with. Entertaining can also be more challenging, particularly in the colder months, since you don’t necessarily have the space to invite your friends and family indoors [3].

An Alternative Way of Living

While there are drawbacks to tiny home living, if you are someone who tends to feel trapped when you’re stuck in one place for too long, doesn’t want to be tied down to one location, or is looking for a life of adventure and excitement, the Rustic River Park Home may be just what you’re looking for.

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