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Cody Medina
Cody Medina
August 4, 2023 ·  2 min read

The ring that lets you feel your partner’s heartbeat from anywhere in the world in real time

You both stand on two opposite ends of the earth. Time slows, and you look off into the distance, wishing that you can be with the one you love. Nostalgia and longing fill you. Email, phone calls, and even Facetime, cannot compare to the feeling of being together.

The glossy ring you wear is a symbol of your eternal bond. The image of your beloved comes to mind, and you gently tap the ring. Suddenly you can feel the heartbeat of your loved one. Despite the distance that separates you, the presence is here. You are together again.

Heartbeat Rings

This is no fairy tale. TheTouch has produced what they call ‘HB Rings’ that allow one to feel the exact time of the heartbeats of the other wearing it. As the creators say on their website, “For last 6,000, years rings were only circles of materials, worn on the fourth finger as a symbol of the connection between two hearts. Until now.”

HB Rings are durable and ultimately scratch-proof due to its exposed sapphire surface. The is the second hardest material on Earth, in addition to being completely water-resistant. It is available in six different sizes and dimensions.

The housing of these rings is made of stainless steel, which is the most resistant coating available today. All rings come with the unibody sapphire crystal. There is an option to purchase a rose gold version. It is harder than conventional gold with more scratch and wear resistance. The solid rose gold HB Rings are offered as a tribute the historical tradition of wedding rings.

One Tap

The function of these rings is simple. Both partners download the mobile app, connect to your rings, and pair it with your loved one. It is possible to pair your rings without being next to each other, after all, this is about feeling the connection even when you are not together in the physical sense.

Inside your small ring is over 100 components. The hardware is Bluetooth connected, with 160 standby time and 14 hours of activity. After you reconnect to your beloved, you set your ring in the coolest charger ever created: the ring box. Forget the unattractive mesh of wires and bulky plugs. This is one charger that is a pleasurable addition to your night table. The heartbeat of your loved one can be the last thing you feel before you gently return the ring to its box and fall asleep.

One tap is all it takes to connect.

Feel the Love

Being apart is always hard for a couple in love, especially when the separation is for an extended period of time in a different time zone. It doesn’t have to be that way.

TheTouch’s HB Rings are available now to order online. Don’t wait to give it to the one closest to your heart.

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