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Penelope Wilson
Penelope Wilson
July 29, 2020 ·  3 min read

Husband Who Lost Cancer Battle Sends Wife One Final Valentine’s Gift

For the 45 years they were married, Randy Tenney made sure to send his lovely wife, Debbie Tenney a bouquet and a sweet poem on every Valentine’s Day [1]. She was the light of his life, the mother of his eight beautiful children, and his partner-in-crime. The couple had lived in Show Low, Arizona until Randy passed away from cancer last year. He’d fought a fierce fight with glioblastoma, a rare, aggressive form of cancer that occurs in the brain or spinal cord. 

When Randy, 65, knew he didn’t have much time left, he arranged with a friend who owned a flower shop to send his wife a gift on Valentine’s Day. He knew she deserved at least one last cute poem and bouquet of love.

On February 14, 2020, Debbie broke down in tears as she received a “gift from heaven”. A bouquet of yellow roses topped with a lone red rose was delivered to her home, coupled with a handwritten card of sweet poetry.

Roses are red, Violets are blue, yelling from Heaven that I will always love you. With love from your eternal Valentine, R.T.”  Debbie let her tears flow the moment she read the card, and it was such a heartbreaking yet intensely beautiful moment.

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Her daughter could be heard in the background as she cried with her mom, “It was dad’s idea, Mom. It was all dad. He didn’t want you to be without a valentine.”

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Randy’s eternal love for Debbie went viral

Debbie later posted the video of her tearful moments on Facebook, warming the hearts of thousands of people. With 51,000 reactions, the photo has been shared 109,000 times since February. She posted it with the caption:

“Today I got a special delivery straight from heaven. Randy set this up before he passed away and I can’t think of anything sweeter. I miss my valentine so much. He’s the best ❤💔❤.”

The news was immediately picked up by several TV stations and media websites, and it all seemed like an endless celebration of the intense love between Randy and his wife.

Speaking to a local news station, Jordan, Debbie’s son, said his parents had known each for most of the lives. “They were high school sweethearts,” the couple’s son Jordan said. “He doted on her every day.”

They’d had a beautiful life together

Randy had been an active man all his life, running a hotel and a property management company and still coaching Little League for 25 years. Despite being so busy, he was involved in the upbringing of his 8 kids with his wife, Debbie. He loved them all equally and was a strong member of his community.

So many people were left heartbroken when he passed away. His funeral was attended by over 400 persons, with many more sending their heartfelt condolences from distant places.

“He had eight kids, but he always made me feel like an only child,” Jordan said. “His philosophy was scattering sunshine, spreading happiness.”

He’d lived a fulfilled life, and is survived by his wife, eight children, thirty-three grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren.