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Cody Medina
Cody Medina
November 5, 2020 ·  4 min read

Savour a slice of paradise at Golden Bay’s off-grid pizza parlor

When people think of going off-grid, they typically want one thing and that’s sustainability. Being able to live off the land with the finite sources it provides and doing it comfortably. There are few who are able to achieve this coexistence with nature. However, for Toto’s Cafe and Pizzeria, sustainability never looked this tasty before! Claimed to be one of the best off-grid pizza parlour’s you could ever visit in New Zealand.

Meet The Owners Of Toto’s Cafe And Pizzeria

Crian Cahusac, and his partner Carole Fournier, decided to open Toto’s Cafe and Pizzeria about five years ago. Making the restaurant entirely energy efficient. Surrounded by a beautiful view that’s located in Wainui bay, Totaranui hill, next to the Abel Tasman national park. Customers can relax and enjoy themselves as they gaze upon Golden Bay or Farewell Spit. The couple lives comfortably atop the property in their own sustainable off-grid home. Of course, this is when they aren’t serving up delicious homemade pizzas to the public. (1)

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Toto’s Cafe and Pizzeria uses only local produce for toppings. In addition, using eggs from their own chickens. They make fresh pizza dough everyday and give the food scraps to either their worm farm or their geese.

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Toto’s Cafe and Pizzeria energy efficiency consists of a micro-hydro powered system that’s also supplemented by solar panels. Cahusac claims to have used the ‘Cob technique’ to build the restaurant. This technique is considered to be one of the oldest methods of construction in the world. Using clay from the nearby hills, sand, and straw to construct not only the building but as well as the kitchen. Additionally, Toto’s Cafe and Pizzeria has a living roof that blooms with wildflowers over the summer months. (1)

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What Do They Serve At Toto’s Cafe And Pizzeria?

Of course, Toto’s Cafe and Pizzeria serves not only pizza but some of the best Kiwi craft beers, local wines, and homemade desserts. Not to mention the fruit smoothies and various types of coffee to choose from. Everything on their menu sounds absolutely delicious. The pizza is the real reason why people visit so often. Cahusac has perfected his pizza cooking skills in his clay oven. Some of the customer’s minds are blown away as to how good it is. Not only are they able to eat delicious food but they can watch the magic happen as Cahusac prepares more delicious pizza from the lawn. (1)

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Luckily, they have vegan and gluten-free pizza as well for those with diet restrictions. However, the thin crust that Toto’s Cafe and Pizzeria serves is claimed to be jaw-dropping. Some have even compared it to Italian style pizza which is considered to be ‘the real deal’. Customers are allowed to explore the rest of the sustainable restaurant. Cahusac and Fournier are very open minded people that offer all of their love to the public. (2)

On the inside of Toto’s Cafe and Pizzeria has a beautiful gallery. There are so many stunning pieces of art for customers to fawn over while they eat. Even the cutlery and dishes they serve food with are very colorful. Your eye’s will never get bored and your stomach will never be happier. (2)

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When Is The Best Time To Visit?

The beginning of March and into the summer season is probably the best time to visit Toto’s Cafe and Pizzeria. If you want to be there when no one else is, March is your go-to month, Cahusac claims. It’s still warm enough to enjoy outside and few enough people to be overcrowded. The couple claims that even after their 60 available seats are filled, customers will sit in the grass with their food. People love the area so much that it’s really not a problem for them to be apart of nature while they eat their yummy pizza. This apparently happens a lot, especially during the hot months. (1)

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People swarm Toto’s Cafe and Pizzeria immediately upon the doors opening. Luckily, pets are more than welcome at the restaurant. However, their hours during the winter time may be reduced. On the Toto’s Cafe and Pizzeria website they even state that there’s a good chance they will be closed. It’s entirely dependent on the weather, but they strive to be open every Sunday. People tend to use the mountain biking and walking trail on the property. The starting point is at Pigeon saddle then leads customers right to Toto’s Cafe and Pizzeria! (2)

Once you’re done at the cafe, Totaranui campground and beach is about a 25 minute drive away. People can also explore the Wainui waterfall track thats about a 5 minute drive. There’s also the very scenic and beautiful Wainui bay that is about a 10 minutes drive from Toto’s Cafe and Pizzeria. If you haven’t started planning your trip to New Zealand, you might want to start making moves. The incredible scenic nature and delicious wood-fired pizza awaits you!

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