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Jade Small
Jade Small
April 14, 2024 ·  3 min read

Oldest DNA in America Traced Back to Montana Man

You’ve seen the adverts for them online, or you’ve actually gone ahead and bought a kit, but, at one point at least, you’ve thought about getting your DNA tested. What if you tested your DNA and got some shocking results back? Like this man from Montana who found out he possessed the oldest DNA! One such place that offers a testing service is CRI Genetics. Like other companies who test your DNA for “biogeographical ancestry,” they can trace anyone’s genetic makeup and attempt to uncover where that DNA fits in the grand scheme of human evolution.

How DNA Testing Works

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According to the CRI Genetics website, results are over 90% accurate. All you need to do is order a kit online, follow the instructions to take a swab, and then send it back to them for analysis. After about 6 weeks, you’ll have the results of your DNA testing in your email inbox. CRI Genetics also states that they can trace back to over 50 years of ancestry, enabling you to know precisely where and when your ancestors are from.

The Oldest DNA

Darrell ‘Dusty’ Crawford got his DNA tested before his brother, Alvin “Willy” Crawford’s heart gave out. He had asked his brother to get it done out of curiosity, and the results were quite profound! CRI Genetics told Darrell that his results were so unprecedented that it was like finding Bigfoot!

Furthermore, this particular test showed the Crawford’s bloodline went back 55 generations. It was also the furthest CRI Genetics had ever tested. Meaning that Darrell Crawford possessed the oldest American DNA on the entire continent![1]

However, Darrell could never share the results with his brother, who he had done the DNA testing for. Of course, Darrell wished he could, as the results were so much more remarkable than he could have imagined. “He’s the one who encouraged me to do this, and he wanted to compare our results. I just wish I could have shown it to him. It would have blown him away.” – Darrell ‘Dusty’ Crawford

The Crawford History

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Alvin Crawford, Darrell’s late brother, was from Montana, where he lived in Heart Butte, on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. Darrell had always thought that his ancestors had traveled to North America during the ice age via the primordial migration route. Also, this route is known as the Bering Land Bridge and links Asia to the Americas.

Since having the DNA test done and receiving his results, Crawford discovered that his ancestors had initially settled in South America after traveling from the Pacific. This is, however, just a theory; there are other things to consider.

According to all that is interesting website;

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Crawford is part of the mtDNA Haplogroup B2. This genetic population subset originated in Arizona some 17,000 years ago and has a fairly low frequency in both Alaska and Canada. It’s one of the four major Native American groups that populated the continent.

Additionally, the website goes on to say; These groups are called clans, and all trace back to four female ancestors: Ai, Ina, Chie, and Sachi. CRI Genetics found Crawford to hail from the Ina clan. This DNA group’s closest relatives outside the Western Hemisphere are found in Southeast Asia.[2]

What Else Did Crawford’s DNA Show?

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While 83 percent of Crawford’s DNA shows he is of Native American descent, the remaining 17 percent showed 9.8 percent European DNA, 5.3 percent East Asian, and 0.2 percent was African DNA. 73 percent of his Native American DNA extended from the same heritage.

The Crawford’s curiosity has resulted in some seriously important data. While for Darryll, the results have helped him find his heritage and ancestors, although he does wish that his brother was still around to share the interesting news with!

What makes the results of Crawford’s DNA test so monumental is its impact on the scientific community. His test now pushes the oldest known American DNA to 17,000 years! This just shows how long his ancestors have been in the region.


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