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Cody Medina
Cody Medina
October 23, 2020 ·  3 min read

Puppy is born with GREEN fur due to rare pigment in its mother’s womb

There are all kinds of puppies out there in the world, being cute and getting into trouble. However, have you ever seen a puppy that was born with green fur before? Neither have we! Believe it or not, there’s a puppy that was just born on the island of Sardinia in the Mediterranean that resembles a Pistachio!

His owner, Cristian Mallocci, is an Italian farmer that lives in Sardinia with his trusted companion, Spelacchia, the mother of the green pup. To their surprise, Spelacchia gave birth to five pups. While the rest of the puppies were all white, there was one very cute dog that just so happens to have green fur! Naturally, Mallocci decided to name the green pup, Pistachio. (1)

Why Does That Puppy Have Green Fur?

Technically, a puppy born with green fur is considered to be a very rare phenomenon. When this occurs, the puppy must have made contact with a green pigment called biliverdin while inside his mother’s womb. Thus, you have a cute little green baby named Pistachio as a result! (1)

Surprisingly, there are various pigmentation phenomena that can occur in dogs of any age. Of course, finding a puppy with green fur is probably the rarest case of them all. Lentigo and vitiligo are two genetic disorders that most dogs have and pass on to their offspring. Luckily, both of these disorders are benign and are not considered harmful. (2)

Lentigo is characterized by hyperpigmentation, this means that there is an overpopulation of pigment molecules in the dog. It causes patches of the dog’s skin to turn black. Another incredible phenomenon in dog pigmentation is known as vitiligo. Dogs with this disorder often have patches of light-colored skin due to hypopigmentation, or lack of pigment. (2)

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Pigmentation Disorders In Certain Breeds

Amazingly enough, there are actually some pigmentation disorders that are common in certain breeds of dogs. Of course, none of these disorders give a puppy green fur like it did Pistachio. Chow Chow’s, for example, are known to have the disorder Tyrosinase deficiency. This is a very harmless disorder and poses no threat to the dogs overall health. This condition causes pink splotches on their dark-colored tongue, while some of their fur may turn white as a result as well. (2)

German shepherds, along with other breeds, can develop a type of vitiligo called nasal depigmentation. When this happens, you’ll notice a permanently lightened skin tone that can usually be seen around the dog’s nose and mouth area. (2)

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Are Puppies With Green Fur At Risk?

Puppies like Pistachio that are born with green fur are not at any health risks. Pigmentation disorders such as his will eventually begin to fade away over time as he gets older. In fact, Pistachio’s owner decided to sell all the other pups and kept him. Since the pup was born green, Pistachio is considered to be a symbol of hope and luck. Mallocci also has big plans for Pistachio herding sheep and being a good boy on the farm. (1)

Even though Pistachio’s green color has already begun to fade, he will forever be known as the puppy born with green fur.

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