Chantel Brink
Chantel Brink
March 2, 2024 ·  3 min read

Should Dads Be Allowed to Stay Overnight in Maternity Wards?

Many dads are very involved throughout their partner’s pregnancy, in weekly childbirth classes couples can go over the stages of labour, birthing positions and breathing techniques. While the mom-to-be is rolling around on the yoga ball, her partner may be behind her learning how to perform a pelvic massage.

There are plenty of involved dads that can’t imagine missing their child’s birth, not only because they’d miss the babies first breath in the big world, but also because they want this opportunity to support their partner.

While dads in delivery rooms are very routine these days, many people are debating whether dads should be allowed to also stay overnight in the maternity ward. This is a concerning issue in the UK, where bans on dads are evident.

If a partner still wants to provide support after the baby is born should they be allowed to stay and bond with the new baby too?

A woman called out her local hospital that forces dads to leave the maternity ward and is slamming how unfair this policy is for both parents.

She argues that bonding after birth should not be just for mom, it’s the right for both parents to enjoy quality post-partum time together.

While she took a stand against this rule, there were some people that were all for dads getting the kick after visiting hours ended. Keeping a maternity ward as a women-only space provides a feeling of safety for many new moms.

After giving birth, women are in their most vulnerable state, and so are their newborns. What if you end up beside a threatening male in the ward? Or a snoring one? While many women want their own partners by their side, often times we wouldn’t want our neighbor’s partner there too…

Some new moms prefer that their partner goes home after visiting hours, this way they can have some proper rest and feel refreshed the next day. There are plenty of long sleepless nights ahead, they don’t need to sleep in an uncomfortable chair tonight.

However, these are some that believe it’s crucial for dad to stay. Many women want their husbands there, they should also get to be a part of the first nappy and clothing change, how can you deny a new parent of that right?

This really has become a continuous issue, which is causing some serious stress for both parents and hospital staff.

After the online debate, a suggestion was made that would make both sides happy: hospitals should offer a partner and no-partner ward. Families should have the choice.

While this ban isn’t very active in North America, there was a time pre 1970/80’s when men weren’t allowed in delivery rooms at all. In many cases, the issue is space and while modern improvements are continually being made to our medical system, Dads have the right to be there if the mother wishes. As a caring dad states on National Public Radio, “While I’m certainly not a medical professional or anything like that, I know my wife a lot better than any of the people at the hospital. And so being able to advocate for her is really important.”


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