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August 21, 2018 · 4 min read

This Swimwear Campaign Celebrates Cellulite, Scars, and Stretch Marks

When it comes to fashion, women have heard so many rules… (if you have a pear shape don’t wear this, cover that, wear these instead, etc.).

Oftentimes for women, it’s a body confidence issue, other times it’s that they’re just worried about what the people around them will think of their c-section scars, stretch marks, love handles, or any number of insecurities. Whatever the reason, though, the result is the same. Women end up wearing clothes that aren’t really “them”, just so they can fit in or disappear into the crowd.

Well no more! Chromat, the New York-based swim and athletic brand, has launched its new list of “Pool Rules” for their inclusive swimsuit sets – (none of which compare your body type to a fruit)!

“Pool Rules”

Their new campaign “Pool Rules” features an all-star cast of diverse models including amputee and beauty blogger, Mama Cax, 28, queer activist Ericka Hart, 32, transgender advocate and model Geena Rocero, 34 and plus-size models Emme, 55, and Denise Bidot, 32.

“It can feel vulnerable to be in a swimsuit in public, so it was important for us to make our own rules where everyone feels supported, seen and empowered,” Becca McCharen-Tran, CEO of Chromat told TODAY Style.

Check Out The Pool Rules Campaign Video Below!

“Pool Rules” calls on all of us to celebrate our cellulite, to embrace our scars and not to be ashamed of our stretch marks…and even our body hair!

“Our goal was to create a campaign that showcases the swimwear while staying true to the progressive spirit that’s at the heart of the brand. The new swim collections aren’t just beautiful. They seek to empower women, femmes and non-binary individuals of all shapes and sizes.” Jennifer DaSilva, president of Berlin Cameron, the creative agency behind the campaign, told TODAY Style.

This inclusive brand has shown us, time and time again, that anyone can feel confident while in a swimsuit.

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All bodies are #ChromatSWIM bodies, and all #ChromatBABES are 🔥goals 🔥 See the #ChromatPoolRules at 💦💦💦 1. Intolerance Not Tolerated 2. Food-Shaming Not Permitted 3. No Age Restrictions 4. Scars + Stretch Marks Welcome 5. All Body Hair Appreciated 6. All Abilities Accepted 7. Respect Preferred Pronouns 8. Celebrate Cellulite 9. Unrestricted LGBTQ+ PDA 10. Body Policing Prohibited Thanks so much to @berlincameron for concepting this amazing campaign, @gilleonsmith for casting and @anastasiagphoto for shooting it! #ChromatBABE guards: @mamacaxx @geenarocero @ihartericka @DeniseBidot @supermodelemme Video: @GraceNaw & @lolitabandita Hair: @bethington_ Makeup: @fatimasees, @maccosmetics Nails: @ladyfancynails Stylist: @martintordby #MamaCax #ErickaHart #Emme #DeniseBidot #GeenaRocero #Chromat #Babeguard

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In an essay for Teen Vogue, Denise (pictured far left), who is also a positive body advocate, wrote on her experience working with Chromat and the need for the fashion industry to be more inclusive when it comes to swimwear.

“My fellow models and I all felt free like we were a part of something that will not only be seen but also heard: there’s a voice behind these images, the message is clear: our bodies are where we live, and therefore we need to show ourselves unconditional love from the inside out.”

Chromat’s Pool Rules

  • Intolerance Not Tolerated
  • Body Policing Prohibited
  • Scars + Stretch Marks Welcome
  • All Abilities Accepted
  • Food-Shaming Not Permitted
  • Body Hair Appreciated
  • Celebrate Cellulite
  • No Age Restrictions
  • Respect Preferred Pronouns
  • Unrestricted LGBTQ+ PDA

Take Away

It’s no secret that in its long and prominent history, the fashion industry has frequently represented one standard of beauty. This one standard of beauty has really taken a hit on our self-esteem and how we view ourselves in the world!

Fortunately, in recent years, the industry has been making shifts. With fashion brands like Chromat who are creating swimwear styles that make people from all walks of life feel confident, it’s safe to say that the industry is finally and steadily embracing diversity.

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