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Jade Small
Jade Small
January 28, 2024 ·  3 min read

Toxic People Never Admit When They Are Wrong

Most toxic people are narcissists, and even if they are not, they are terrible all the same. Toxic people leave you feeling emotionally exhausted and psychologically drained after an encounter with them, as though they’ve fed on your positive energy. They are gaslighters, master manipulators and skilled liars who are willing to go to any lengths to get what they want, and it doesn’t matter whose feelings get crushed along the way.

 A strong trait of toxic people is that they cannot admit when they are wrong [1]. This goes against their narcissistic nature and they are just incapable of taking the blame. It doesn’t matter what friendships they destroy or who they defame – the blame has to be pinned on someone else. There must be a way to round the curve and come right back to the point where they are innocent – or appear to be.

They constantly see themselves as the victims, even when it’s as glaring as day and night that they are the perpetrators. If they find a little liver to apologize, they’ll most likely guilt-trip you into forgiving them. Everything must turn out the way they want, even when the decision is someone else’s to make. Having a toxic person in your life can lead to mental health issues and constant unhappiness. Their sole purpose is to take away your joy and leave you bleak, miserable, and empty.

They make you feel stuck 

Toxic people are great at throwing in several sides of one story as long as none incriminates them. They know how to make you feel stuck and unable to make decisions regarding your emotional safety. When you call them out on their excesses, no matter how vehement or firm you are, they’ll always find a way to bring you down and turn the tables. They have no problem painting you as ungrateful and tossing back in your face all the times they came through for you. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been there for them as well. They only care about themselves and what they’ve done for others.

A toxic person will cheat on you and instead of apologizing, they’ll try to lay out all the reasons why they are somehow the victims. They’ll tell you how you weren’t there for them and they felt neglected. They don’t care if you were in the middle of preparing for the biggest certification exam of your life, or a big break in your career. The only fact is that you weren’t there as much as they wanted and they couldn’t deal anymore.

Toxic people will go to any lengths to defame and slander others. They’ll spread malignant rumors about you, even to your tight circle of friends and family. They’ll make everyone around you believe you’re crazy, and in the end, you may begin to doubt your sanity. There is no peace of mind around a toxic person.

You deserve better

The best way to live happily and be free from mental strain is to ignore toxic people as much as you can. Avoid them because they will bring you nothing but heartache and chronic exhaustion. Don’t try to argue with a toxic person. They’ll go as far as insulting and belittling you to prove their point.

The best bet is to walk away. Avoid them as much as you can because they can never see a situation from a point of view that isn’t theirs. Do your heart and soul a good deed by not trying to get them to apologize. Even if they do, it’d be a mockery of you. 

Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace.


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