13 times people kept it simple
Cody Medina
Cody Medina
February 22, 2024 ·  4 min read

13 Times People Kept It Simple

Overthinking can lead to a lot of stress and ultimately ends up going nowhere. Second guessing yourself when the answer was just as simple as that. For some of these kids at school, to avoid headaches later they decided to keep it simple. We should all aspire to their level of simplicity.

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1. Keeping The Sum Of X Simple

One photo of child's simple answer for solving X
Image Credit: Reddit | Nhjufy

Sometimes being creative means giving the simplest of answers! Technically speaking, this student didn’t answer the problem wrong. They followed the instructions and kept it simple by making X = 7. You can keep it simple and still be right!

2. Why Not Gary Busey?

One photo of multiple choice question with Gary Busey circled as the answer to keep it simple
Image Credit: Reddit | carldewitt

To be fair, science isn’t exactly the easiest subject in school to memorize. It’s as simple as that, Gary Busey is the tip of a volcano ready to explode at any given moment. Maybe this student was just watching Lethal Weapon while they were studying.

3. Wizard Pilots Keep It Simple

One photo of airplane diagram with magic, witchcraft, sorcery, and miracles written as the answers to keep it simple
Image Credit: Reddit | footfall

We should’ve known that wizards were piloting our planes all along. It’s as simple as that, magic is the only reason for flight. This makes a lot more sense than what they tell you at the airport. Furthermore, those wands aren’t meant for guiding planes they’re actually levitating us into the sky. I feel a lot safer now knowing what planes are powered on thanks to this student.

4. When You Put It That Way, You Keep It Simple

Frankie keeps it simple by saying I am a freeloader
Image Credit: Reddit | Ryankees07

Frankie is just being honest with himself and with his teachers. It’s important to be able to recognize when you have it good at home. Even though he could’ve lied about some random chore, Frankie was still truthful. Sometimes freeloaders like to keep it simple too.

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5. There Are No Wrong Answers

One photo of multiple choices with answers that help keep it simple
Image Credit: Imgur | Bierrr

Technically speaking, this person didn’t answer any of these questions wrongly. They decided to keep it simple and demonstrate every answer. Just because it wasn’t the ‘normal’ way to answer these questions doesn’t make them wrong!

6. Sorry! Had To Keep It Simple

One photo of multiple choice question with a keep it simple answer written saying "Dead, sorry!"
Image Credit: Imgur | VascularD

This student couldn’t help but to keep it simple. When asked a question like that how are you not going to be honest? It’s honestly the teacher’s fault for putting this question on a test. Hopefully this student didn’t feel too bad about answering it.

7. Head Games

One photo of a student's minecraft answer to a test to keep it simple
Image Credit: Reddit | ToiletCrash

If you’re wondering what this means, it’s in reference to a video game known as Minecraft. There’s an option menu that allows you to craft certain things such as a simple door. To keep it simple, this is how you make a simple door.

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8. To Keep It Simple, They Better Not

One photo of child's violent answer to thing one and thing two coming to their house
Image Credit: reddit | Justindew

Ava just wants to protect her family! This is the only true answer to this question anyways. If you’ve ever read the Cat-In-The-Hat books, you’d know that inviting these monsters into your home leads to nothing but trouble.

9. This Is How You Morning

One photo of stick figure using the toilet before brushing their teeth to keep it simple
Image Credit: Reddit | GlobindobinButler

I don’t see a problem here, personally. This student was just saying what we are all thinking in this answer. Who honestly has time to brush their teeth and then go to the bathroom? To keep it simple, it’s better to go to the bathroom first of course.

10. Dogs Are Better Than People Anyway

One photo of student's answer of two dogs and one person
Image Credit: Reddit | QueriousGeorge

I sure hope they saw two dogs and only one person for this math test! How could you possibly grade this answer wrong? The student answered truthfully and besides, dogs are better than people anyways.

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11. To Keep It Simple, I Haven’t Seen Jeff

One photo of student's answer saying "maybe, because I have not seen Jeff"
Image Credit: Reddit | nayiro

That’s very true, none of us have seen Jeff nor do we even know who he is. I mean, who are even Robyn and Ralph? This question is just setting us up for failure right at the start. I resonate entirely with this answer.

12. That’s The Difference!

One photo of a student's answer saying "eight is all curly, six is not" to keep it simple
Image Credit: Reddit | EddieLomax

Listen, this question is set up like one of those ‘spot the difference!’ pictures you always see. Technically speaking, this student was just being very thorough with their answer. Eight is indeed a very curly number compared to six. Although, six is a little bit curly, however, not as curly as eight.

13. To Keep It Simple, These Are Their Names

One photo shows student naming shapes with people names instead of names of the shape
Image Credit: Reddit | Humpty-Numpty

Hope just see’s the beauty in all shapes and colors. It doesn’t matter if you’re a rectangle, rhombus, square, or even a parallelogram. You’re going to get a name and you are going to like it, Tedison the green rectangle!

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