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Jade Small
Jade Small
January 21, 2024 ·  8 min read

Do You Have the Best Husband Ever? Here Are 18 Ways to Tell If You Do

Every husband has had those days where he didn’t necessarily rack up points. But we’re here today to celebrate the wonderful ways in which he’s helped you grow as an individual, a wife, and a mother. If your husband does any of these 18 things, you are quite the fortunate lady to have such a wonderful, stand-up man in your life. After reading this list, some might even have the best husband ever.

18 Signs You Have the Best Husband Ever

He says ‘I love you’ often

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Do you know your top love languages or your husband’s? Whether you’re someone who shows love through acts of service, quality time, physical touch, or receiving gifts, the last is probably most common – words of affirmation. It’s beautiful what this combination of three words can do to literally change a day or even a life. If your husband is someone who voices his love, you can rest assured that he knows deeply where his affections lie and wants you to feel nothing less.

He regularly compliments you

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This section follows from the one above about words of affirmation. Hearing the words ‘I love you’ is always nice, but it’s those charming, personalized, lifelong phrases or nicknames that forever make your heart melt. If this reminds you of your husband, you’re probably thinking of the things he tells you right now. But this even goes beyond the cute, playful ones. If he also compliments you on all your successes and makes sure you know he’s proud of you, you’ve got an incredible man.

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He encourages you to pursue your goals

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Sure, like attracts like, but so do opposites. It’s perfectly fine not to have all the same interests and to have a friend or group of friends who you explore these other hobbies with! The last thing you want, however, is for your husband to feel envious, jealous, or left out. So, if he encourages and supports your endeavors and encourages you to explore them to your heart’s content, be thankful. And don’t forget to give him the same mutual respect and support!

He flirts with you like he did when you first met

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No matter how old you are when you find love, there’s something about that indescribable feeling that makes you feel youthful. Showing love can, unfortunately, seem habitual sometimes, but if your husband can still make you feel those butterflies or have you smiling even when you aren’t there, your marriage sure is something special. Keep on flirting on.

He loves his family, especially mom

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It sounds cliché, but having someone who puts family first – before work, before his friends, before his favorite television program – is so important. Some people say if you want to know how a husband will love his wife and kids, see how he interacts with his own family. Especially mom. If that respect is visible, chances are your husband treats you with the same love. And that’s pretty darn special.

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He makes the most boring tasks enjoyable

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For anyone who isn’t yet married, spending an entire lifetime with the same person can seem daunting. But when you find love and commit to each other for life, even taking the trash out together can be romantic. If daily tasks have started becoming monotonous lately, take your husband’s hand and dance over to the sink and do those dishes…together. Because everything is better together.

He loves spending time with you

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Doing life with the same person is a long time. But there’s something about loving couples that is simply amazing – they can be doing anything and enjoy each other’s company. Even if they aren’t talking and doing completely different activities. It’s not only the idea of being near you but the comforting, tender feeling of it. The moment you find your loved one tagging along with you for an activity he doesn’t particularly enjoy, you know you’ve got a superb husband.

He’s willing to teach you what he knows (and be taught by you)

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Do you want to know how great your husband is? Ask him to teach you about something he’s passionate about. If he does it willingly and patiently, we’re on the other side of your screen clapping our hands. If he can’t teach you something without frustration or anger, then your children will probably experience a similar kind of ‘teaching’. Isn’t that what life is in a sense – one long learning process? On the flip side, if your husband is also willing to have you teach him things, you are one blessed wife.

He’s a good leader, recognizes your strengths, and seeks your advice

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In hindsight, going about life along is easy. You make your own choices and accept your own responsibilities. But when you enter into marriage you become one unit, but now with two brains. Any wife (or husband) reading this section is likely nodding their head up and down. That head-nodding is a testament to how challenging but rewarding marriage is. If you have a husband who’s willing to take the lead as well as seek advice and guidance from you and your strengths, you are part of an incredible team.

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He worries about you

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We often discuss the negative effects of stress a lot on The Hearty Soul, but there’s something comforting about a worried husband (as weird as that seems). Of course, we don’t mean a worry that ends up making life hard to handle. But if your husband shows concern for your safety and is always making sure your emotional and physical needs are met, you’ve got someone very special. It’s important to remember, too: not all men are brought up to outwardly show emotion or sensitivity. So, on those days when your husband may seem like he underestimates you, know that he doesn’t. He just cares a lot about you.

He’s selfless

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Selflessness goes hand in hand with unconditional love. It’s that idea of committing wholly to you and loving so deeply that you and your children always come first. Even before himself. If you have memories of your husband selflessly putting you first, you can sleep soundly knowing that he always be there for you.

He admits when he’s wrong

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More often than not, it seems that many relationships begin to crumble over a myriad of petty things. Things that, in the greater scheme of things, do not matter. That said, the habits of husbands and wives can grate away and become larger than they should. If you know what we’re talking about, it’s these moments where your husband admits he’s wrong. It’s a hard, sometimes reluctant thing we as humans want to do. But when your husband acknowledges and admits how, where, and why they were wrong, you stoke the fire of love a little bit more. It’s a subtle act that has a huge impact.

He doesn’t have a favorite

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For those of you with more than one child, possibly the worst thing you can do is choose a ‘favorite’ – you or your husband. The moment you pit one child against the other, you start creating such a deep divide in the family which almost never ends well. But if your husband exhibits unconditional love – and you can see it in his words and his actions – continue to encourage that as much as possible.

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He lifts your spirits and comforts you when you’re down (unconditional support)

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Life is full of ups and downs. Of course, it’s the downs that always seem harder to address, rebound from, and empathize with. But these are the moments when you need your husband most; not to judge, not to overanalyze, but to drop everything he’s doing and comfort you the way he knows best. Don’t be afraid to tell him what you need either. That’s where communication comes in. Some husbands know when their wives need it almost instinctually, others take a bit longer. But if your husband can offer that unconditional support, you’ve hit the jackpot.

He surprises you

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Now, before you start talking about how little you like surprises, you’ve got to admit those spontaneous signs of love make you smile (at least on the inside). Whether it’s your favorite sweet tucked underneath your pillow, a home-cooked dinner, or a trip to somewhere you’ve been subtly hinting at, you’ve got a keeper if he’s still surprising you.

He always keeps open lines of communication

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This section is arguably the most important in this all-star husband checklist. Communication is central to any successful, lasting marriage. Whether you’re talking about your friends’ get together, a news story or a falling out you had earlier that day, a great husband actively listens. He wants to understand you and get to know you better. But this needs to be reciprocal because communication is a two-way street. (Rule of thumb: Never go to sleep without resolving your conflicts together – check out this book on improving your relationship communication)

He’s a hard worker

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Whether you have a husband who does physical labor all day or one who sits at a desk, what really matters is his work ethic. This shines through everything he does be it hobbies, projects, careers, and his love for you. Having a husband who works hard is a saving grace, especially when your family faces trials together. If this sounds like your husband, congratulations on marrying such a hard worker.

He makes you want to be a better person

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Now, no husband is perfect. Nor should you expect them to be. But you each have every right to hold each other to a higher standard, not only for the success of your own marriage but that family, friends, and strangers might follow your love-centered example. If your husband is someone you can look to for inspiration, encouragement, confidence, and support, hold onto him.

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