75 million year old rock
Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
March 15, 2024 ·  2 min read

This 75-Million-Year-Old Rock Formation In Thailand Looks Like A Crashed Spaceship

In Thailand there is a rock formation that looks like a variety of things, depending on how you look at it. Some say it looks like a crashed spaceship, however, others say it looks like a family of blue whales. This is where Three Whale Rock gets its name. (1)

Thailand’s Three Whale Rock

In Bueng Kan, Thailand’s newest province, there is a 75-million-year-old rock formation called Hin Sam Wan, or in English, Three Whale Rock. This is because when looked at from the right vantage point, the rocks look like a family of swimming whales. (1)

If you are visiting Thailand, this is certainly something you will want to see.

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How to Get to Three Whale Rock

In order to actually get to Three Whale Rock, you will have to be at least somewhat physically fit. It is accessible via a network of trails. Visitors must hike up these trails to reach the rock, which delivers some truly incredible views. (1)

Things you can expect to see from on top of Three Whale Rock include (1):

  • The beaches of Mekong
  • The mountains of the Pakkading district of Lao People’s Democratic Republic
  • The Phu Wua Forest
  • The Bang Bat Brook (2)
  • The Sadok rapids (2)

When you go, plan on spending the whole day here. There are nine different trails you can hike, each delivering different things: Nature, waterfalls, and wildlife. (2) Both the sunrise and sunset from on top of Three Whale Rock are extraordinary, so whichever you choose to see will be well worth your while. (1, 2)

The 7 Greens Initiative

In 2011 the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) created the 7 Greens Initiative to promote sustainable tourism throughout the country. The natural beauty of Thailand is what draws millions of tourists every year, so they aim to protect their country’s most valuable resource. (1)

The guidelines of the 7 Greens Initiative are in place to help manage tourism in a way that protects the natural landscape and wildlife so that tourists can enjoy destinations such as the Three Whale Rock for generations to come. (1)

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How You Can Help

Tourists can do many things to help protect the places they visit. These include:

  • Respecting the people who live their and their customs
  • Researching beforehand to understand customs, cultural requirements, etc.
  • Being respectful of nature and wildlife: Give the wildlife space, do not litter, do not take things from the natural landscapes.

Travel as sustainably and respectfully as possible and you will help to preserve places like Three Whale Rock for many years to come.

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