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Sarah Biren
Sarah Biren
July 9, 2020 ·  4 min read

Aunt Shares Post About the Moment Her Nephew Crawled Into A Stranger’s Arms

Kids are more perceptive than we give them credit for. When all we need is a hug, kids can pick up on that. And since they are blessed with being unhindered by routine social standards, they can give the bests hugs. Anyone who has been cuddled by a child knows how precious and heart-warming every second is. A child’s love is a blessing that is boundless. They’ll even show love to a stranger, as you’ll see from this story. 

During a high school football game, a little boy named Isaiah Miller approached a stranger sitting near him on the bleachers. Her name was Angela During and the pair chatted for about 20 minutes before she had to leave during halftime to meet up with her daughter. During their conversation, he ended up crawling onto her lap and they talked as if they were long-time friends. It was a cute interaction and no one thought much of it afterward. 

Two weeks later, Isaiah and Angela were present at another game when Isaiah found her again. His aunt assumed their interaction would be similar to last time, but she was in for a surprise.  

“Isaiah walked right up to her smiling, crawled in her lap and laid his head down on her shoulder,” Star Balloon-Bradley, Isaiah’s aunt, wrote on her now viral Facebook post. “She welcomed him with open arms. This lady patted and rocked Isaiah to sleep like he had given birth to him. It was the sweetest!” [1] 

In the post, she added photos of Isaiah snuggling with Angela on the bleachers. 

woman hugging child

“Isaiah can come across shy at first, but some people he immediately warms up to, and Mrs. Angela During is one of those persons,” said Isaiah’s mom, Thameka Miller. “He can discern if a person needs a hug, and he loves elderly people.” 

Star kept apologizing to Angela if Isaiah was bothering her and said it was totally okay if Angela didn’t want to entertain him anymore, but Angela waved her off and assured her he wasn’t a bother at all. “She said he was her new friend,” said Star in her post. 

So, she just cuddled him, and enjoyed every moment. Angela had her own child at a home, a fifteen-year-old, which meant these kinds of snuggles have been missing for a while. She explained to Star that “moments like these are priceless.” 

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The Heart-Warming Picture of a Little Boy Hugging a Stranger Goes Viral 

The post has been shared over 350,000 times and garnered over one million likes. Star has a good idea as to why this little moment has received so much attention. 

“With all of the racial tension that’s going on I’m glad to see the pictures like these because it goes to show color don’t matter to a lot of people. It really don’t!” Star said in her post “Arguing over stuff as such makes us miss the simple pleasures in life.” [2] 

woman hugging child

As she posted the photos, Isaiah and Star didn’t even know Angela’s name yet, but Star knew she’d find out soon enough. “I hate I didn’t get her name but I will next game because I’m sure Isaiah will make his way back to her. I love her and don’t know her!” 

When the pictures went viral, Angela was finally identified and Star updated her post with: “We found out who she is. Her name is Mrs. Angela. She’s such a sweet lady, y’all! It’s awesome how God connects people together for whatever reason!” 

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Spreading Unconditional Love During a Troubled Time 

Thameka, Isaiah’s mother, has a similar idea as to why this moment has touched so many people. She believes that the photos show race from a child’s perspective, and this is beautifully emotional revelation. 

“I think with the racial tension that has manifested lately this story helps to restore hope in humanity and it shows the power of love,” Thameka said. “Also, the innocence of a child and how love has no color boundaries.” 

Once Angela found out about the viral post, she felt honored and blessed by the experience. “I am humbled by the kind words everyone has spoken. Isaiah is absolutely adorable! I pray people will see Jesus in all this & know His love is beyond measure & that is how I want to love & life my life. I’m not worthy but He sure is!” [3] 

While this event may be a couple of years old, its message is even more important today. It’s incredible that Isaiah had only met Angela briefly before feeling comfortable enough to embrace her. In his adorable, innocent way, he teaches us how the world could become a better place if we would show the same sort of love and understanding toward each other, no matter our backgrounds.  

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