boy with cancer best xmas ever
Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
September 23, 2020 ·  3 min read

Boy, 3, with terminal brain cancer enjoys ‘best Xmas ever’ three months early

Terminal brain cancer is devastating news at any age, but especially when it’s a child. At just three years old, Ellis Price’s diagnosis meant that he will not make it to this Christmas. Not wanting him to miss out, his parents gave him the one thing he wanted most three months early: The best Christmas Ever.

A Terrible Diagnosis

Last Year in September 2019, little Ellis Price was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He had two major operations while simultaneously going through chemotherapy. (2)

Ellis was able to return home after each procedure, however, complications from one treatment left him paralyzed. His parents According to his parents Laura and Ashley, Ellis is a true fighter and never let this get him down. (2)

“He wanted to be independent. He got himself up and down – he would never give up.” Laura said. “To see him struggle through what he has been through – all whilst remaining positive – it is inspiring to all of us.” (2)

Unfortunately, his condition continued to deteriorate, and in July the the family was told that no further treatment could save their son. (2)

They moved up his birthday, with a hospital bedside birthday party. Knowing that he may not make it to Christmas, his parents also decided to throw him the most amazing Christmas party that they could three months early. (1)

The Best Christmas Ever

The party included elves, ponies dressed as reindeer, a snow machine to cover the area in fake snow, and of course a visit from Santa. (1)

They ate a full Christmas dinner and watched holiday movies in a tent in the garden. (1)

“This is Ellis’ last Christmas so we’ve rolled a lifetime of celebrations into one.” said Laura. (1)

Messages from Across the Country

While in treatment, Ellis made friends with another little boy who suffered from the same condition, Reuben Robb. Reuben’s mother Elizabeth posted on Facebook asking for people to send Ellis Christmas cards. (2) The post reads:

“This beautiful lady (Laura Pearman) and her beautiful precious boy are spending their last days together as Ellis’s condition has become much worse and he has very little time left.

“You are all aware how we first hand know the pain this amazing lady had to endure. Laura Pearman has decided to have Christmas Day for Ellis next week as it will be her last. She has very kindly asked if anyone would like to send him a Christmas card to fill a wall or small gift this would be absolutely wonderful. Please if you can help we are so very thankful. Ellis also has two older sister’s and think it’s very important to involve her in his memory. Thank you in advance. On his special Christmas day, Ellis received letters from people all over the UK wishing him a happy Christmas.” (2)

The response was incredible, and Ellis even received video messages from some of the players from Leeds United, his favorite soccer team. (2)

“So many people have come forward. It shows how good people can really be.” said Ashley. (1)

His parents are very happy that they were able to give Ellis the best early Christmas that they possibly could have, and are thankful for the support and love they’ve been shown by complete strangers.