Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
January 9, 2024 ·  4 min read

Former Model Claimed She Turned Down Chemo and ‘Cured Her Cancer By Eating Pineapples.’

In 2015, the story of former model Candice-Marie Fox made headlines as she claimed to have turned down chemotherapy and cured her cancer by consuming three pineapples a day. Since then, the story has continued to circulate online. Given the claims being made, it is important to examine and fact-check her approach critically, even today. This article aims to present a factual analysis of Fox’s story.

Candice-Marie Fox’s Journey

According to her story from 2015, Candice-Marie Fox, then 31 years old, found a lump just above her collarbone. She was soon after diagnosed with thyroid cancer and underwent surgery to remove more than 20 lumps. Unfortunately, the disease still spread, and doctors informed her that she had a maximum of five years to live. Fox decided to reject chemotherapy, which she claimed had caused the demise of two of her friends who had also battled cancer. (1)

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Fox’s Claimed Approach

Taking control of her own health, Fox radically changed her lifestyle. She embraced a diet consisting of up to three pineapples a day, alongside other fruits such as grapefruits, lemons, papaya, kiwis, and bananas. Fox said that the bromelain in pineapples, known for its cancer-zapping proteins, could “eat away” at tumors. She also eliminated “toxins” from her life, including alcohol, meat, and she even divorced her husband. Lastly, she started using meditation, yoga, and positive-thinking practices to reduce stress and improve her mindset.

Fox’s Results and Validation

Fox claimed that within six months, her grade four cancer was almost gone, and she became completely free of tumors. This was confirmed by medical professionals who were monitoring her cancer’s progress. Mark Simon, director at the Nutritional Oncology Research Institute in California, stated that her tumor markers remained within a normal range for over two years. However, it is important to note that Simon’s statement comes from a source associated with alternative medicine.

Critique and Fact Check

Despite the positive outcome claimed by Fox, her story needs to be critically analyzed and fact-checked. This is because her claims could lead to others potentially rejecting life-saving treatments, thinking that they could follow her “method” and cure their cancer themselves. This could lead to unnecessary loss of life. Here are some reasons to not accept her claims as stone-cold evidence of a ‘natural cancer cure (2)’:

1. Lack of Scientific Evidence

While Fox’s personal experience may be inspiring, assessing her claims based on scientific evidence is crucial. Oncologist Professor Karol Sikora asserts that no evidence supports the idea that pineapples or fruit can cure cancer. Helen Thompson of Cancer Research UK states that no scientific proof suggests that eating pineapples or large amounts of fruit can cure cancer.

2. Individual Anecdote vs. Generalizability

Recognizing that anecdotal evidence from a single person does not provide grounds for generalizing treatment outcomes to a larger population is important. Fox’s success may be unique to her individual circumstances and biology. Just because it worked for her, doesn’t mean it will work for you and your cancer. Your body is not the same and your cancer is not the same.

3. Alternative Treatments vs. Conventional Medicine

Choosing alternative treatments over established medical protocols, such as chemotherapy, can have consequences. Fox’s decision to reject chemotherapy was based on her personal experiences and the belief that it had caused harm to her friends. However, it is essential to consider that chemotherapy has proven benefits in many cases and should not be dismissed without thorough medical consultation.

4. The Type of Cancer She Had

Different types of cancers have different mortality rates. This indicates that some are more treatable than others. Fox had what is known as papillary thyroid cancer, which is the most common and most treatable form of thyroid cancer. She also claimed to have stage III cancer, which is not possible with this type of cancer. A 28-year-old in her condition would have been determined to have stage II. Lastly, the 5-year survival rate ranges from 78% to 100%, depending on metallization. So from this, it is hard to know if her intervention worked or not, given the survival rate.

The Bottom Line

Candice-Marie Fox’s story of claiming to have cured her cancer by consuming pineapples is intriguing but should be approached with caution. While her personal journey may be inspiring to some, there is insufficient scientific evidence to support her methods. Individuals facing cancer diagnoses must consult with medical professionals and make informed decisions based on established treatments and therapies.

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