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Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
August 17, 2020 ·  3 min read

Would You Live in One of These Candy-Colored Tiny Homes?

For these people, living in a tiny home wasn’t different enough. No, they wanted to live in a home that makes you feel cheery just by looking at it. These candy-colored homes are so adorable they can brighten anyone’s day.

6 Candy-Colored Tiny homes

These homes are small, portable, and come in every color imaginable. Which one would you want to live in?

1. The Mobile Rainbow

This brightly colored mobile home was built by Taylor Painter-Wolfe. She bought her plans from Tumbleweed Tiny Houses. Before installing the wood siding, she painted them in her desired multi-colored pattern so that she could give herself, her dog, and her cat the feeling of living in a rainbow. (1)

Rainbow house
Taylor Painter-Wolfe

You can see more of her home and the adventures she goes on with it on her Instagram and website.

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2. Candy-Colored Prefab

If you’re a part-time DIY-er (aka, full-on building your tiny home from scratch is just a little out of your league), then these Jamaica Cottage Prefab kits are for you. They’ve got kits for cabins and cottages, office spaces, and tiny homes on wheels – all for incredible prices. You can customize, paint, and decorate them however you want, so let loose and give them the bright colors they deserve. (1)

To get a feel for living in a prefab tiny home before you buy, take a mini-vacation and stay in this one.

candy colored tiny home
Photo from Mint Tiny House Company

3. Tiny Box of Colors

This adorable tiny home on wheels could be yours for just $60,000. With the average cost of traditional homes on the rise, this could be your ticket to a mortgage-free life. As a bonus, you’re free to roam, because this home has wheels. (1)

The Toy Box Home is 140 square feet of living space designed in a way that maximizes storage space and makes it feel roomy and cozy inside. Above the main living area is a loft big enough for a king-sized bed. The design has also included hidden outlets and built-in LED lighting so that your home is littered with wires everywhere. (1)

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Toy Box home
Photo from

4. The Ravenlore

Owned by firefighter Nikki Jo Davis, The Ravenlore is a custom-built tiny home on wheels by Tiny Green Cabins. The gingerbread-style trim gives it a quaint, old-timey cottage vibe, while the bright pink and purple paint make it stand out of the crowd. (1)

Go here to get a quote for one of your own.

Photo from

5. Little France

Perhaps the tiniest house on the list, this small home painted the colors of the French flag use every inch of space imaginable. Designed by Joshua Woodsmen of PinUp Houses, the prototype of this home, which was made to snap together like a puzzle, costs just $1,200 to make. (1)

Check out some pictures of its shockingly modern interior.

Tiny France
Photo from Pinup Houses

6. The Horse-Drawn Wagon

If you want to live like a pioneer but with more of the modern-day conveniences, then this might be the tiny home for you. Also known as Gypsy Caravans, these homes are too small for a full bathroom or working kitchen, but make a great option for camping in the summer months.

Prices range from $2,500 to $30,000 depending on the builder, size, and level of luxury you are looking for. (1)

gypsy caravan
Photo from Gypsy Caravan Company/UK

Search Gypsy Caravans for builders in your area.

These homes are all so cute, it’s hard to pick just one. Would you live in a candy-colored tiny home?

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